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The Corporate Millennial Turning the Tables on The Pandemic by Building Online Empires



For many the pandemic has been tumultuous to say the least. Unprecedented layoffs and unemployment rates have left many in the dark about where to go from there. But for some, the pandemic has been life-changing for the better.


Meet Anna Wojtowicz, a former corporate millennial now using her skills to build online empires.  An NYC native, Anna spent the past 10 years building an impressive resume in corporate digital marketing. Having worked for a number of huge publishing companies such as,, and The Smithsonian Online, Anna routinely oversaw and executed multi-million-dollar digital marketing campaigns for a variety of advertisers. Deciding to advance her career as a digital marketer further, Anna decided to shift into in-house ecommerce marketing, joining Paperless Post as their Digital Marketing Manager.  


“I was given the opportunity to manage organic and paid marketing efforts,” Anna says. “Being able to have both in-house and client advertising experience really gave me a well-rounded understanding of the marketing ecosystem and how all the different parts of it work together to produce massive results.” Despite doing extremely well for herself in the corporate world however, Anna felt as though something was missing from her life. After spending almost, a decade working towards the vision she had for herself, Anna’s career just wasn’t exciting her anymore, something many of us have experienced.


Plagued by these constant thoughts, 2020 came somewhat as a relief to Anna. “I was at a really low point when the layoffs began,” recalls Anna. “Marketing is always the first to go, and it honestly just felt as if the universe had decided it was time for me to start fresh.” 


After a few months into job searching, Anna experienced a moment of clarity. “One day I thought to myself this can’t be my life, I won’t let it, I need purpose not just a paycheck,” she says. After conducting market research of online service providers and virtual assistants, something clicked for Anna.  Transitioning her corporate marketing skills to the online world, Anna founded The AW Creative.

Though an exciting time, taking the leap to invest in her own business was still a daunting prospect for Anna. Being unemployed, she was constantly plagued with the thought that now may not have been the most rational time to make big financial investments, but she did. “I invested in a business coach and I turned my $5K investment into $35K in sales within 3 months,” Anna says. “It was beyond scary, but I knew that taking this big risk was the only way out. There was no Plan B, Plan A had to work, and it did. Take the risk, invest in yourself, it’s worth it. I’m now that coach to my clients and it’s beyond amazing to see them thrive and find themselves.”

The AW Creative sets to make an intentional and sustainable impact not only for business owners but their clients. Setting out to serve newly established entrepreneurs, whether they be in ecommerce or online service providers Anna helps these brands and individuals  build and scale sustainable and scalable businesses using Fortune 500 marketing strategies. “I want to break that mould of the traditional 9-5 and help others leverage their experience and knowledge to live a life of abundance instead of just working for the weekend,” Anna says.  Designing a coaching program containing no BS, no cookie cutter strategies and focused solely on building out product suites, positioning, and content marketing, only ambitious visionaries need apply. 


Unlike a lot of business mentors out there with no real-world experience, Anna rightly stands apart from those in an inundated industry.  “By far one of the leading keys to my success in my business has been my ability to take my experience working on Fortune 500 campaigns and break them down into tangible, actionable strategies for entrepreneurs,” Anna states. Aside from providing coaching services for online providers, The AW Creative also offers Pinterest management services, with strategies designed to drive qualified organic traffic to your site on autopilot.

“My advice to anyone affected by the pandemic, or thinking about making the leap out of the 9-5, is to just do it,” says Anna. “One of the most empowering things is no longer having an income cap and someone else determining your worth. Best of all I feel like I have a true purpose now doing what I’m doing because it’s helping other entrepreneurs‘ business aspirations come true.”


There has never been a better time to turn the tables on your career. If you’re ready to take that next step to forging a vocation on your own terms, Anna is here to help with coaching programs and brand strategy mentorship. To get in contact with her click here, or follow her on Instagram and TikTok to gain access to extremely valuable content.

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