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The Financial Alchemist: Let Passive Income Pay for Your Lifestyle and Bills



Passive income is perhaps one of the hottest topics of 2021, as more people than ever before rely on their phones, laptops, and electronics to feel connected, productive, and happy in a socially distanced world. People want to know how they can create generational wealth, right from their living rooms, for themselves and their families. Who can blame them, especially considering the opportunities and availabilities to make passive income through the internet are exploding.

Passive Investments

 As Forbes printed this month, ‘passive investments are the perfect way to invest because they enable you to earn money while you’re busy doing other things, like sleeping.’ From stocks and real estate, to creating and selling online courses, virtually every element of passive investment can be done right from home, with a phone connection and internet. 

 It’s this kind of equalizer that is making it easier than ever before for people to jump onboard and learn about the money they can make while they sleep, says passive income advisor and wealth builder, Eva Abert. As a published author, online summit host, educator, advisor, and business coach, Eva works to share the good news of passive and multi-investment with all of her clients. As she likes to put it, ‘one of my greatest successes is the success of my clients, who are on the way to financial independence after our cooperation.’

Multiple Income Streams

 Eva shows other people, mainly women, how they can earn more income from different income streams and invest it so that it moves and grows. By highlighting 1001 different options available to us today thanks to the internet, Eva knows how to generate money and let it work for her clients.

 “The concept of investing is nothing new: we know we can put money into accounts and allow it to grow over-time. However, many people don’t realize that’s not the only investment option available to them anymore. In fact, there are so many options that if the money is diversified and invested soon enough, clients can amass generational wealth while they sleep,” said Eva.


Financial Intelligence is Key

Eva always had an inclination for learning about financial intelligence, which is why she was close with her grandfather as a child. He would share his philosophies and interests with her, helping her to develop a basic understanding of finance and how to deal with it at any early age. From her childhood, Eva became obsessed with being both rich and financially independent, which is why she was one of the first internet entrepreneurs (and women) in 2007 to start using the internet to build up income streams.

 In fact, in 2007, Eva founded an internet platform for sustainable, ecological, and social life with two co-founders, followed by various online businesses. For the next 13-years, Eva explored every last nook and cranny of the internet, which is why she is now in a position to share what she has learned with her clients today.

 “The internet is much larger than we realize, which is why the opportunities are endless. I am merely the messenger, here to tell everyone about their options. Multiple income streams can pay for your entire life and more, starting today,” concluded Eva.


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