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The Future of Fitness: Occlusion Training and VOTWEAR



When you think of revolutionary fitness. Mehdi Ettehadulhagh’s face should be one of the first that comes to mind. The former pro athlete and retired national Norwegian athlete champion is a hot and fresh up and comer on the field of fitness, both for his work with occlusion training and his innovative line of fitness wear, VOTWEAR. Ettehadulhagh is a triple-threat: a retired elite athlete, a medical doctor, and a business visionary. As an extremely self-disciplined and motivated person, Mehdi’s drive and passion for fitness inspire everything he does and has driven the creation of one of the most visionary brands in the modern fitness world. 

VOTWEAR is Mehdi’s baby, a brand uniquely designed to target the most innovative fitness training methods, occlusion training. A fitness model that was first made popular in the 1970s, occlusion training uses oxygen restriction and muscle tension to isolate and work for specific muscle groups. Through compression gear, workout bands, and hypertrophy acceleration, VOTWEAR gear allows you to build muscle mass and strength faster than ever. Your clothes work as hard for you as you do during your workout, maximizing the gains you make with every rep through targeted occlusion support that supports your body’s overall growth and health.

VOTWEAR’s products aren’t the only innovative thing about the brand. When Mehdi began his business, the successful business model looked very different from today. Social media wasn’t a common tool, and many companies were struggling to make the leap from public and paper advertising to digital, online work. Mehdi saw the promise of digital communication early on, and together with his co-founders (and brothers) Nayyer and Sina, he patiently began building a digital presence. They began a podcast network alongside their growing business, the VOTCAST, and began building a platform for athletes, entrepreneurs, and other sports trainers or athletes. They built a fitness community, one that centered around discovery, innovation, and power, and continued to scale their team as they gathered interest and talent.

Mehdi sees his company as a labor of love and patience above all else. Mehdi cites his personal philosophy of constant dedication and no procrastination as a huge motivating factor in VOTWEAR’S success. With VOTWEAR and in his personal life, Mehdi is always moving forward. His days start as early as 6 or 7 in the morning and finish around 22:00 or 23:00. He balances his medical practice, his fitness routine, and his business, all while maintaining an active spiritual practice as a Baha’i believer. Anyone else might see that as too much, but not Mehdi- his focus, drive, and patience bring him through. 

VOTWEAR is a company with promise, potential, and drive. Their founders’ dedication to progress and perfection makes them a company to watch in 2021 and beyond as they continue to develop the future of fitness: occlusion training gear. Follow their journey on the official Podcast of VOTWEAR, VOTCAST, or Facebook, YouTube, Apple Podcast, and Spotify

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