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The Importance of Family to Ronnie Flynn and Vuuzle Media Corp



Family-owned businesses often have strong roots and community relationships that foster trust and customer loyalty. Many parents would hope that they will one day have the opportunity to pass on a company to their children or even work on building an empire with them. Founder of Vuuzle Media Corp, Ronnie Flynn, hopes that he will do this as he continues to build his media empire. Vuuzle Media, which offers free online streaming services worldwide, is currently headed by Flynn with input from his son, Joshua Flynn.

Children Support the Company

According to Flynn, “my children support me in business. Especially my son Joshua Flynn., He plays an important role in Vuuzle TV as he sits on the board of directors and maintains the continuity of the marketing office in the Philippines. He has communicated and introduced to Vuuzle TV many investors who have invested millions of dollars as pioneer shareholders. He also has innovated different ways to manage and get better results from our marketing campaigns.”

For Flynn having his family as part of his company is important, and it helps him in his aim to do the right thing, a mantra he lives by daily. “After 35 years as a professional in sales, marketing, and entertainment, I live by 2 quotes that have made my life easy with no stress. I always say, “Just do the right thing”! Moreover, I have learned to make the world my office, the people my business, and God my boss. This world can be a daunting place to get from point A to point B, so I don’t do anything without music and happiness. Laughter is the best medicine in life so remember it is always a good time to smile.”

Children are the Future

Flynn outlines that he loves his children, and he considers himself a protector. “In my heart and soul, I adore children and feel a great need to protect them. The care of children should matter to all of us. It affects how we live, and it reflects our hopes for the kind of world we wish to live in.”

“The children are our future, and loving them teaches them to do the same and to love one another. I learned with my own children that they need 8 essential lessons to help them mature into good people. Those essential things kids need include security, stability, consistency, emotional support, love, education, structure, and me as a father being a positive role model instilling values and life lessons.”

Though he has had a difficult childhood growing up in Compton, Flynn is determined to learn from his past and to be thankful for the blessings he now receives. “I learned from growing up on the street that tomorrow does not always come as people don’t live forever. Our futures are not based on today. Our futures are based on the future we give our children and the lessons they learn along the way. Nothing is forever, and forever is only a word we movie makers use to close a chapter in a fairy-tale. I learned this world is about change, and with change comes new horizons and a new generation wildly advanced with a world full of new innovative ideas and technologies not yet realized.”

These lessons have encouraged Flynn to continue to build his own empire to support his family despite now having his own parents around currently.

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