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The Leading Virtual Assistant Coaches Disrupting Their Industry



Just like any skill in life, in order to become great at it, you must have a coach. This is also heavily applicable in the world of business. With every industry becoming more and more competitive, many businesses are bringing on virtual assistants – in order to provide the business owners with the time they need to focus on growing their business. 

Thanks to remote working at all time highs, virtual assistants are now a dime a dozen. In order to make it, you need the right strategy, tools and guidance in order to land those dream roles, and create the life you want to live. If you truly want to take your own virtual assistant business to the next level – you need the help of an expert. Meet the 3 Virtual Assistant coaches who are truly disrupting their industry, and making a positive impact in the lives of their clients. 

After spending over 10 years in the corporate world, Karlie Young realised that she wanted so much more out of her life! From experiencing a deep lack of joy and fulfillment in her work in the corporate world, Karlie decided to take charge of her life, find her true passion, and create more freedom and enjoyment in her life.

She utilized her years of corporate experience and knowledge in supporting others to start her Virtual Assistant business at the beginning of 2020. Within just three months her business took off – Quitting her corporate job, doubling her corporate income and working with some amazing clients. Needless to say she never looked back. 

Soon after that, she transitioned into the Online Business Manager role and started a small agency to support her clients. As she continued to grow and scale her business, Karlie wanted to share her knowledge and experience in building a successful VA business, so she moved into coaching to support and empower others in building their own businesses. 

Within her coaching, Karlie not only focused on the strategy needed to build and scale a successful VA business, but she also focuses on the mindset work needed to build a business. “Mindset is such an integral part of building a successful and sustainable business. Business is 20% strategy and 80% mindset, so I make sure to cover and work through both with my clients” Karlie explains.

Karlie specializes in coaching her clients through the strategy and mindset behind creating a sustainable business, so that they can reach their goals, feel fulfilled and grow their business beyond their expectations. Karlie not only provides a proven method for creating a strong foundation for her clients to accelerate their success, but she also helps them implement ways to grow businesses that are exciting, fulfilling and profitable. 

Click here to learn more about Karlie’s signature coaching program.

As a wife and a mama to three, Maggie May understands what it’s like to do it all. Maggie is passionate about helping women discover their power and use it to confidently build and scale their own successful work from home businesses. During her second maternity leave, Maggie was certain that she never wanted to return to her corporate job and leave her newborn at home. Craving a job that allowed her to work from home and spend precious time with her kids, Maggie discovered Virtual Assisting, and with the help of a mentor, it wasn’t long before she reached 6 figures, retired her husband and grew her family – all while doing the things she loves.

Maggie understands how incredible it is to really live life on your own terms, and how starting a virtual assistant business is the perfect vehicle to get you there .By using her experience and knowledge Maggie provides the blueprint of exactly what she and the women she’s mentored have done to create successful and totally balanced businesses and empowers them to create that for themselves. . 

Maggie is proud of providing super supportive coaching that truly helps women change their lives. “One of the things that makes me different is that my mentoring clients get totally individualized and custom designed support to guide them from where they are to where they want to go.  And they are able to get coaching, mentoring and guidance every single day and every step of the way” Maggie explains. 

Taking her personal connection to her clients very seriously, Maggie’s approach is the perfect balance between a cheerleader, teacher and an accountability partner. Maggie is disrupting the industry through helping others have the balance, business, babies and cash they’ve always craved!

Hannah Plourde is incredibly passionate about empowering womxn to ditch societal norms and create financial independence, with their own VA business. Having lost her job due to COVID-19, Hannah bounced back from her lowest point, to in just 6 months growing her Social Media Manager business to double her previous yearly income. Now, she is a committed  VA coach,  helping other women who feel stuck in a 9 to 5 job to be able create their dream lives. 

“Many people are realizing that the traditional life path is not sustainable.  You can’t just get good grades and instantly get a good job.  So many young people have to postpone getting married, having children, buying a house because the current structure of society truly does not work.” Hannah explains. Having learned a tremendous amount in her journey, she empowers her clients with the knowledge and experience she’s gained to help more women create their own financial freedom. 

Hannah has been able to grow her business purely through organic marketing and word of mouth – which proves you don’t need a fancy website, a social media page with tons of followers, or need to invest big bucks to be able to make money as a VA. 

“Each day, I help women realize that there is more to life than being miserable in a job that they hate.  By growing a thriving VA business, women have control over who they work with, what they do, and how they do it.  The 9-5 days just don’t exist anymore.  Now we can integrate our passions into our daily lives.” says Hannah. Hannah allows her clients to thrive by equipping them with the right tools and mindset to break through emotional blocks, and create a successful and fulfilling life. 

Make sure to go and follow all of these amazing VA coaches as they continue to thrive and help their clients do the same. Watch their journey as they continue to grow and make their mark on the world

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