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The Power Of Mindset



Dina is one of the most up and coming disruptive Life Coaches to look out for. Amidst a year of despair across the globe, some saw opportunity and made the biggest leaps of their lives. Dina Gindy, Mindset Transformation Coach, is one of those people.

Given the extra time she never had the luxury of enjoying, Dina took her leap of faith in life and transitioned from 18 years in the Corporate rat race to fulfill her true passion of becoming a Coach, and helping others regain control of what seems so common these days to be a hamster wheel called life, live happier.

Through her experience of mental struggles, total burnout, and life threatening illness, over the last 8 years, Dina decided it was time to live a life of authenticity and be a true, present, role model for her son, serving as many people as she can with the knowledge, experience, tools and frameworks that got her to to where she is today – a 6-figure Mindset Coach, proud mum, competitive CrossFit athlete and life enthusiast.

Dina focuses on the power of Mindset to transform lives because she believes, proven by her story, that once we learn to work with our mind, rather than against it, nothing else can stand in the way of success, whatever that means to us. Her framework consists of 3 pillars, which she believes, from experience, are the core to harmonizing our mindset to empower our journey in life: Attitude, Self-Belief, and Action.

By working on attitude and perspectives to challenges and situations, breaking down self-doubt and any other blinds spots holding us back, and taking consistent action, our dream goals or desires become much closer to reality and our belief systems begin to support our journey. Our dreams don’t feel so unrealistic or so far away and life begins to magically transform.

In a crowded and saturated space, Dina has separated herself from the market through her dedication to her clients, her direct, no fluff, no BS approach and the life changing results her clients are experiencing – from nailing their dream interview in the middle of global pandemic, to starting their dream businesses, to overcoming burnout and rebuilding self-belief and confidence.

In a time where many are struggling, Dina’s clients are flourishing. Taking control of the direction of their lives, achieving what they desire and enjoying every day. 

If you’d like to get in touch with Dina to see how she can help you achieve your goals, follow her on Instagram @dinagindy or visit her website

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