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The Rising of a young Highly-spirited and Selfless Enthusiast That is Unbent on Shaping the World.

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Touring around the world is one of the recipes for learning and self-development, no doubt. Yet still, even less touring, empowering, and activating the mind with knowledge from the past right to innovation completely brings oneself no limitation.

Amazingly indistinguishable to a blend of qualities including excellence, optimism, persistence, altruïsm, and au courant mindset, is a young trailblazer, Oren B. Segal. Being an only child [with a half-brother] and born to Israeli parents, Oren was raised as a Jew in the borough of Manhattan in the city that never sleeps – New York.

Worthy of being an inspiration to people, especially youngsters, are Oren’s endeavors at the early age of 21. As a New Yorker, Oren seems ready to be all the best to lead to success and greatness. He is a student, and he is deliberate about being a passionate freelance model and a digital marketer. His career preferences reveal his ambitiousness [not desperateness] that is tilted towards wanting to share and spread kindness and positivity with people while also creating a positive environment for others.

Oren B. Segal is inspired to inspire change in the world and make it a better place while remaining loyal to positivity, humility, and his principle of not tailoring his life decisions after others’ thoughts. In doing so, Oren is set to work the talk of what he believes. Considering his personal Covid-19 experience and lots of industries under lock and hold, he is immensely contemplating joining the US Navy due to the pandemic to add to his drop in the ocean of humanity.

Oren’s life can be an awesome template recommendable to youngsters in this modern century. It is recommendable because Oren’s feats and distinctions in life aren’t lopsided. His life as a youngster has a remarkably balanced view, from his religion to his academics and social life. Besides, exceptionally, consistency and focus are fully present in all he does. He consistently manages himself as a freelance model [for over two years], a digital marketing intern [with Tone House], a social performing violinist, and a full-time student.
Being intrigued by the technological prowess of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Technology Company, particularly the founder’s sense and thirst for aiming high, when it comes to growing as a youngster, Oren doesn’t believe in following the crowd. He has solidified his belief that nothing good comes from following a herd of people who also don’t know where they’re going. Although he supports being unique and distinguishable in fashion, behavior, and life in general, he encourages people to do anything good they enjoy wearing, not because of the costs but because of the comfort it gives.

To succeed in life, Oren B. Segal doesn’t underestimate the power of the people that surround him. For him, the confidence to aspire gotten from his family and mentors has surpassed that of any notable figure. It doesn’t mean that his reliance to excel depends on people; rather, it means positive vibes fuel positive determination and leads one on the path to striving for more.

For anyone aspiring to succeed, life isn’t always happy. It throws unexpected hurdles sufficient to discourage someone on the path to success, and Oren B. Segal isn’t exempted. As a young chap, Oren feels there have been people working against his good opinions, suppressing his voice from being heard and discounting his credibility due to his age. To these situations, Oren’s outlook on life indisputably affirms the existence of setbacks and thus chooses to stay positive in all.

Realizing that he didn’t make himself excellent alone and that society has its bit of intangible contributions to his life, Oren B Segal appreciation gives back to the people around him, the brand that is most near and dear to him─his knowledge, skills, and ideas. He tries to spread laughter and kindness and help those whenever they need help. He promotes kindness and inspiration but also gives people life’s inspirational ideas.

You can contact Oren on Facebook and Instagram using the links below:

Editorial Desk Editorial team Account! Bringing you entrepreneurial stories. Flourishive views the world through the eyes of entrepreneurship—ambition, ​empathy, the ​grind. Be inspired by articles curated by Flourishive Contributors.