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The Self Vows-Seven Vows That Will Change Your Life!



Self Love & Self Care is so essential to overall balance and peace in our lives, specifically considering the climate of our nation. The pandemic has caused us to feel forced into truly slowing down, processing our present & past feelings, and ultimately questioning our purpose. 

With that said The Self Vows is important in navigating through the process of:

  • Identifying who you are versus who you desire to be
  • Getting unstuck & moving forward 
  • Pivoting in crisis
  • Being Intentional about self-care
  • Evolving from your past mistakes
  • Realizing that Self intimacy is the prelude of sharing intimacy with another
  • Not giving living or rental space to a mind state of “surviving” but instead a permanent residency to “living & thriving”.
  • Commitment to a “Do-Over” every day you awake.

You might be asking what are these Seven Vows, well some say that the author Dr. Michelle R. Hannah of The Self-paced Self Vows program has turned the traditional wedding vows on its head-

In a change & transform your life way…..

The Seven Vows are :

  • To Have & To Hold From This Day Forward 
  • For Better For Worst
  • For Richer For Poorer 
  • In Sickness & in Health 
  • To Love & To Cherish 
  • To Death Do I Part
  • As Long As I Shall Live

We will highlight five of the seven vows and tips to start your self-love/care journey. It’s a process to get to a point where self-love/care is non-negotiable. Be patient with yourself! You deserve kindness and compassion through this journey but I will guarantee that you will fall deeply in love with yourself!

To Have & To Hold From This Day Forward

Are you stuck?. Do you blame yourself consistently for past mistakes? Do you find yourself having a hard time moving forward? 

Tip: Accept what is and move forward from what was. Accept your unique flaws & quirks. Stop comparing yourself to others, it’s a competition that you will never win. Be an expert on yourself!

For Better For Worst

Do you have a hard time with success or failure? Are you afraid to take a risk? Is it hard for you to find joy in the worst of times? Are you plagued with what ifs? This Vow is about overcoming fear, pain &b overall challenges in the best and worst of times.

Tip: Fear or past pain can prevent us from leaning into success and being resilient in the worst of times. Develop a daily plan, set attainable goals for that day & be intentional about setting your expectations.

For Richer For Poorer 

Is your mindset wealthy and healthy? Do you have a poverty or a negative state of mind? Do you constantly stress over money or do you relax in the fact that you have an intimate relationship with how you manage money?

Tip: Pay yourself first, create a budget, hire a financial coach & forgive yourself of past financial mistakes.

In Sickness and In Health

Do you feed your body with foods that nurture it? Do you feed your mind with positive or negative self-talk? Do you surround yourself with healthy relationships? 

Tip: By deleting the things that don’t serve you and nurturing the things that do, will keep you on the right path to keeping your commitment to this vow. Instead of stressing and changing your eating regimen in a day-take one thing that doesn’t serve your body out of your diet weekly & replace it with something that does. Say at least one affirmation first thing in the morning to feed your mind with positivity.

To Love & To Cherish

Do you like yourself? Do you spend time with yourself? Do you love yourself How do you value yourself? On a scale from 1 to 10 rate your self-worth? Do you feel powerless or powerful? 

Tip: Self Care is how you take your power back. Self-care is using your voice. It’s choosing you on purpose! Pamper & massage yourself. Hug & kiss yourself. Do something daily for you that will give you pure joy & peace.

It’s never too late to begin your self-love/care regimen. You can start today implementing the tips and if you want to truly peel back the layers and do your work, you can start The Self-paced Self Vows program here

You’re amazing!

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