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The woman next door to a successful entrepreneur, Ms. Anooja Bashir has done it all



Conservative orthodox background, toxic patriarchy, multiple failures and deceived; she has known and conquered it all. Ms. Anooja Bashir who began her career as a Civil engineer from Kerala, India is now a CEO and Founder of Ourea, a successful start-up, co-founder of two companies, FlexiCloud and Digitaliz, and a beautiful mother of two.
Pandemic as unfortunate as it may be, Ourea went through smoothly with the innovative strategy of Ms. Anooja Bashir with the support of her partners Mr. Vinod Chacko, Founder, FlexiCloud, and Mr. Naman Modi, Founder, Digitaliz.
The idea of being an independent system was thought by Ms. Anooja’s back in 2013 while she was working as an assistant professor with the concept of creating a finishing school for freshers and amateurs to develop their essential skills to increase employability called LIKES – Learning Innovative Key Employability Skills. She modeled the courses in reference to the Panchatatva theory of life likewise providing the five major elements to enhance the likability of employment. But this idea being a long shot and challenging to the existing education system was put down by many. She then generated a revenue-generating business model of creating a 360-degree company that will keep a larger window open for revenue from multiple or at least one vertical.
Today, Ourea provides all-rounder services necessary for business starting from marketing, branding, IT to training and HR solution.
Implementation of a strategic move to fight the pandemic
Ourea being a 360-degree business management consultancy implemented a long found strategy to fight through the tough times of pandemic with the pitch perfect HR. They implemented the LIKES program where they hired interns and trained them for two months with stipend as per the job profile necessities and helped them excel their skill sets and enhanced their dormant skills as well. Then on the basis of their performance the candidates were either hired in Ourea or in the associates. This concept though seemed of a lesser priority, worked like a charm for Ourea and sister concerns. They didn’t stop themselves by the results and challenged the strategy more by implementing it in their associate firms as well which in turn proved much positive results.
This whole concept gained a lot of attention in the market around them and as an HR management the revenue generation for Ourea hiked. Ms. Anooja Bashir was appreciated and recognised by many media platforms and was featured in Indian express, Most popular stories, Mathrubhumi and many others. She was awarded the Entrepreneur of the year and the Women excellence award for the year 2020-21 by Indian Acheiver’s Forum.

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