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This 4X LinkedIn Top Voice Is touching Lives Differently In The Marketing And Coaching Industry.



The world is quickly evolving, and so are the day-to-day challenges. In that light, people have taken to creative ways to tackle these challenges proactively. Businesses are rapidly embracing coaching, some focusing on holistic coaching to personal life coaching to business coaching.

 Such is what String has been into as a  4X LinkedIn Top Voice. She has earned The Trusted Voice title and tremendously impacted the marketing and coaching industry.

Value In Authenticity

The greatest takeaway from the Trusted Voice is that you have the permission to be authentic in your business and approach. 

The false picture that you needed to be a particular type of person with a specific popular business approach to succeed is slowly getting wiped out. There’s room for those who dare to be their truest selves to join in the hype and take away the golden leadership medal.

 What is better than to be and present yourself as you are? Such that only those that genuinely acknowledge your being you get to connect with you. Imagine the level of connection and potential gained by such a simple fact; it is easily likened to a superpower.

Quality Assurance 

Another takeaway is having a service-focused approach where the quality of service and product is guaranteed beyond making a profit. Such an approach makes a switch in physical communities and digital communities so that the real competition among businesses is in quality assurance. This is steadily melting the ice of distrust and non-compliance among companies. Simply put, the world is becoming a better place from such positive influence and competition.

Coaches Meeting Coaches

Coaches need coaching too, and through the network created under The Trusted Voice, coaches network with coaches, and they get to learn skills like how to leverage their stories effectively. Such interactions help them to understand their niche, recognize their audience, and connect deeply in such a way that you can meet your clients’ expectations. 

In such an environment, coaches refer clients to each other for complete customer satisfaction, noting that preferences and perspectives differ.

Tools And Systems

This 4X LinkedIn Top Voice is also playing a significant role in facilitating the marketing and coaching industry with the tools and systems to reach out to their ideal clients. 

The process involves asking two key questions. Who is my ideal client? And what can I do for them?

With the answers, you can turn clients that aren’t fit for your training into their perfect fit coaches and maintain a quality assured service portfolio. With such knowledge of your brand, everyone wins.

In a world where information is the biggest trade and influence is the everyday trend, it is easy to lose sight of your being. And this is why the coaching business is on the rise. Markets are now global hence the need for marketing. It is just the beginning for this field, and with the Top Voice creating ripples of positive influence, the world can only get better. 

You can connect to String Nguyen on;




Clubhouse – @stringstory 


String Nguyen

Owner of The Trusted Voice

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