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This Multiple 6-Figure Earner Shares His Advice to Budding Entrepreneurs



Kerlens Casseus wasn’t always the incredibly successful multi-six figure entrepreneur he is today. In fact, he used to be $50,000 in debt at one point. After losing his job and falling into crippling debt, he didn’t fall into a mindset of defeat. Instead, he held onto hope that one day, he would overcome his hardships and become more successful than he could even dream of being. It turns out that he was right.

There is a tremendous amount of authenticity in Kerlens and how he operates. He is someone who has stayed true to himself even though he has become a successful multiple six-figure entrepreneur. Being transparent is one of the main reasons why he has become incredibly successful in such a short amount of time. This is why he recommends budding entrepreneurs stay authentic and transparent. While some people may get hoodwinked if they aren’t, most will be able to see through a veneer of inauthenticity and shadiness and avoid working with them.

Another piece of advice Kerlens shares is to not be in it for the money. Yes, you will want to enjoy increased revenue and profits and have then be part of the process, but this shouldn’t become the end-all, be-all for you. Instead, your main driving motivation should be to help people. When you are purpose-driven in this sort of way, the money will naturally come along with it. You should be focused on helping your clients throughout the entire process and the relationship you have with them.

There is also a tremendous amount of potential with social media, according to Kerlens. In fact, that’s a significant reason for his newfound success as a multiple six-figure entrepreneurs. Reaching out to clients through social media is a simple and effective way or increasing your client base and finding those who are a perfect match for what you have to offer.

Another nugget of advice Kerlens provides to upcoming entrepreneurs is to avoid letting social media confuse you. It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs starting out with social media to gain minimal traction in the first three years. In fact, they may not make much money at all, even if they’re doing everything right. However, with a little bit of patience, persistence, and dedication, you can become successful using social media as a way to land new clients.

Kerlens went from losing his job and going into debt to now reaching the success he now enjoys.  If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who is getting confused as to how you can get things off the ground, you can use the advice Kerlens shares to set yourself up for success.

Today Kerlens is producing about half a million dollars in sales every month. He strongly believes anyone can achieve what he has if they follow his advice. If you want to receive a daily dose of inspiration and motivation for becoming a successful entrepreneur, then check out his Instagram page.

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