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This Rare Podcast is a Must-Listen for People Looking to BEAT Addiction



Addiction is a relentless beast that can drag you through some dark times if it isn’t kept in check, and more people suffer from some form of addiction than they care to admit. These addictive behaviours can get in the way of your life goals and squander your potential for greatness; forcing people into perpetual destructive cycles instead of climbing towards their dreams.

Elevate Addiction Services is an accredited drug and alcohol rehabilitation program located in Northern California, and under CEO Angie Manson, the team at Elevate have dedicated themselves to assisting people find their strength, overcome their addiction issues and transform their lives. The team at Elevate are so passionate about helping people that they provide a wealth of free resources to educate and assist people on their journey, including a podcast hosted by Angie herself!

The Elevate Experience Podcast offers a exclusive look behind the scenes of addiction and addiction treatment; from how to get a loved one into rehab and recovery tips, to interviews with people on their recovery journey and specialists in all areas of self-improvement. The Elevate Experience is filled with hours of insightful, educational and inspiring content that anyone can gain value from.

Knowing how such a unique podcast idea came from a team of health experts doesn’t sound so strange once you learn more about Elevate Addiction Services. Their whole ethos is based on a holistic approach to wellness and recovery that incorporates nutrition, fitness, life skills and responsibility as key factors to staying healthy. Their program consists of a specially formulated and patented curriculum that has seen EAS win multiple awards, including the “GOLD award for Excellence in Treatment“. They specialize in one on one counselling that incorporates custom-planned routines so clients can really learn and undergo their recovery journey in a manner that addresses their needs, rather than slipping through the cracks in a one-size-fits-all curriculum.

This modern approach to addiction rehabilitation has been a game changer for helping people to transform themselves and claim their lives back with renewed passion, vigor and confidence. They don’t just rely on a “how to stay sober” mindset, but rather give the tools that addicted people are missing to help them build productive habits that nourish their body and mind, encouraging a more fulfilling lifestyle. They’re actively redefining addiction, and reinventing recovery. “Drugs evolved, and so our treatments did too.” explained Angie. “We work to transform the despair of addiction into a purposeful life of confidence, self-respect, and happiness“.

The Elevate Experience Podcast is part of Elevate Addiction Services’ mission to redefine addiction. They aim to spread awareness and dispel the stigma behind addiction, providing more perspective on an issue that can affect everyone, and elevating all of our lives in the process.

If you’d like to learn more about addiction, connect with Elevate Addiction Services through their website, Instagram, or Facebook, and check out the Elevate Experience Podcast to find out what it means to beat it!

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