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TikTok’s Stephen Alexander turns job loss into entrepreneurial adventure



Like many young people, 24-year-old Stephen Alexander was working hard to lay the foundation for a good future. After moving from Kouts, Indiana to Jacksonville Florida to seek better opportunities, he had a good job and was doing fairly well for himself. He was optimistic about what was yet to come in the future.

Then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and Stephen, once so self-assured and confident about his goals, lost his job. He never saw it coming and didn’t know what to do but he knew he needed to figure something out as quickly as possible to get by.

Away from his family, Stephen had to re-invent himself and fast – so he turned to Internet. More specifically TikTok he saw an opportunity for exponential growth that no one else saw – a diamond in the dust. 

Today, Stephen has a following of more than 3 million people and has made social media his career and his mission to help others do crush their goals on the internet.

The secret to his success, it seems, was his old-fashioned Midwestern values and good old hard work. 

Although Stephen did have a staring contest with his phone’s camera in an early TikTok, he didn’t turn to crazy stunts to attract attention. Instead, Stephen engaged his entrepreneurial spirit, created a niche in social media digital marketing and vowed never to give up. His determination didn’t waver even when he made a few rookie mistakes, like reposting and responding to tweets on his Instagram account. It didn’t take him long to realize that crossposting was limiting his reach and hurting his results by making it appear he didn’t know how to use social networks properly. Hashing out the rookie mistakes Stephen Alexander has become a professional in digital marketing. He specializes in influencer marketing. The Influencer marketing industry is on track to be worth 15 billion by the year 2022. You can find more information on Stephen Alexander’s Website 

Undeterred, Stephen continued pressing forward and today the verified TikTok content creator and personality is widely considered the go-to guy for digital brand marketing advice and a good source of entertainment if you’re just looking for a few laughs. Posting helpful tips and engaging videos is his career, although Stephen does plan to attend college to become a nurse so he can help people in another capacity other than in the digital marketing world.

Learn more about Stephen Alexander on TikTok.

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