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Top 5 Most Conscious Musical Artist Sharing Wisdom In 2021



These conscious selections use their music to lead the world by playing their part as enlightened musical artists. They came to tell us of the choice and the two ways of seeing the same reality,

A glass is either half full or half empty depending on your focus of attention. Both are true at the same time. It is your focus that will determine which path you will experience. You can focus on unity and the common thread of all existence, and see the spectacular awe-some reality of creation, and experience the miraculous, or focus on what is NOT and then experience nothingness. I am vibrating with the positive wisdom from these artists, and I’m sure you will too. Don’t forget to listen to each of them so that you can gain some positive vibes and self-realization! These artists give messages of enlightenment, self-love, and gratitude. According to our research, these artists are at the peak of self-realization, assembling the most valuable assets. The top 5 most conscious musical artists.

1 Nas, “No Idea’s Original”


“What do you base your happiness around? Material, women, and large paper. That means you are inferior, not major.”

Nas is not a part of any religion but knows there’s a higher power within himself. Nas’ mentor steered him to tap into his “Warrior Spirit” and make the right choices for himself and the people around him.

His Impact

Nas is, “The cornerstone of social consciousness fighting to emerge in hip-hop.”



The amount of high-vibration actions The Polish Ambassador takes in his personal and professional life gives him a well-deserved place on this selection of artists.


tru goddezz

Tru Goddezz is currently # 3 on the Top 10 indie airplay pop charts!

He Said -“(He Says)” in her single Balmy Dungeon is symbolic for The Ego thought system: The mind that is asleep resides here Thus it seeks everything externally says Tru Goddezz.

Her music is like spiritual Alchemy “Infinite as my path as my leader inner teacher”.

Tru Goddezz

Tru Goddezz’s music encourages the divine feminine, awakenings, self-love & self-empowerment on an inner level which gives her a well-deserved place on this selection of artists.


krs one

I’d rather make one righteous dollar on my level

Then make a million dollars spittin’ rhymes for the devil.

“You hotshot, wanna get props and be a savior/ First show a little respect, change your behavior/ Change your attitude. Change your plan”

4 Sizzala 

In a recent Interview, Sizzala said his song On A High, is based on the pandemic, the crisis,” I’m going to give you conscious songs, love songs, and a different feel.” Said Sizzala

5 Seppa – electronic artist

” it’s about making art that can fully make use of your expanded mind, and potentially enhance it too, Seppa explained on how music is a threshold for psychedelic breakthroughs.

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