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Top 5 prominent personalities to follow up in 2021

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Marissa Buckle

Born on May 12, 1996. Marissa Buckle also known as Risky is a multitalented personality as she is one of the famous models of USA and also runs a digital agency called EST 1555. She started her journey modeling in the beauty industry as she was attending university to become an esthetician. Just like other people, Marissa too faced many ups and downs during her journey but she always kept her never giving up spirit alive and this is the reason behind her successful career today. She uploads all of her modeling updates on her social media handles on regular basis. The modelling and the social media world today are rocked by many such talented beings. But one of those names that has been making all the buzz for all the right reasons is Marissa Buckle. This beautiful model radiates her passion for the niche and her prowess in social media influencing, which has earned her a massive number of followers on her Instagram, precisely 12.5K.

Kyle Mufti

Kyle Mufti, born on May 5, 1993 is the CEO of Mufti Holdings Inc. He has made waves in several markets including construction, manufacturing and most recently digital assets. He started his first corporation at the age of 17 and completed over 10 million in gross revenue by 21. Concrete has made him step into this field as it is the single largest construction market to enter with over 80% of the world’s building materials being used on highways, bridges, and civil projects. From ambitious civil projects to ongoing philanthropic efforts for environmental research, this 28-year-old Toronto based entrepreneur is well on his way to the top 30 under 30. At the age of 18, Kyle had begun on a path of entrepreneurship in the concrete industry while running an international charity. In future he plans to continue building businesses that disrupt the construction and manufacturing industry. He is on his way to find exciting new innovations that will change the industry. The introduction and FRP reinforcements are just couple of initiatives his companies are tackling through north America. Mufti is an exciting influencer to follow with an actively changing portfolio in many spaces. A must on any entrepreneurs watch list.

Samantha Hynes

Fashion and Beauty content creator Samantha Hynes was born on 14th august,1991 in Queensland, Australia. She loves how inclusive the fashion industry is becoming. She stepped into this field because she is very passionate about helping the everyday busy women feel confident and beautiful through affordable style. She says seeing more people every day being used as models is so incredible and empowering. She says that she is only 152 cm tall and wouldn’t have even been considered as being used for fashion campaigns because she’ll be is “too short”. Samantha is a new mum who is very passionate about helping women feel confident through effortless style and beauty. She said, becoming a mother and seeing her body shape change really implemented to her the importance of dressing to impress herself. She loves working with fashion brands on campaigns that also align with this. The Brisbane fashion creator, Model plans to continue to empower women to feel confident and dress to impress themselves! Hoping to own her own line of everyday dresses one day.

Colin Blacksmith

Coming from Massachusetts, USA. Colin Blacksmith is a 22-year-old 6’6’ male model. He started his journey in August 2021. He says that he loves to be behind the camera and express himself through photos. A couple of years ago, Colin did his first photo shoot as a hobby because He has always been a photogenic person. The more photoshoots he did, the more he realized that he aspired to be a model. Colin made a name for himself in the modelling industry by having a unique portfolio on Instagram. He said that firstly, he started working with his friends who had cameras. To this day his top interests are music, fashion, and comedy. His height and hair are his two unique features. Colin has recently been casted off the street for a New York Fashion Week walk. Now, he is continuing to work and manifest his dreams.

Anna Alimani

Anna is a gorgeous option for both either it is a New York fashion or stage of Miss Elite. She is just a beautiful combination of European Eastern beauty in the decade. She has a beautiful face, with a cultivated sense of business. She has the maturity to work for many years, her mysterious allure and ethics in work are undoubtedly raising her in the competitive industry of New York Fashion She modelled in New York and Los Angeles. Miss Anna From Luxury cars, to technology, to healthcare to real estate. She has her tentacles in everything and holds true ability to compartmentalize and focus to move the needle in anything she comes in contact with. Utilizing this ability, she has amassed a large following on Instagram and built a strong following.

Editorial Desk Editorial team Account! Bringing you entrepreneurial stories. Flourishive views the world through the eyes of entrepreneurship—ambition, ​empathy, the ​grind. Be inspired by articles curated by Flourishive Contributors.