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Top 5 Transformational Entrepreneurs in 2021



The ‘new normal’ has pierced every corner of global culture and has brought internal reflection to many around the world.

Millions of people are being forced to face a new reality and are going inwards to learn about themselves, how to improve their personal growth and transform into a better version of who they once were before the global pandemic.

As this historic moment continues to unfold, many diverse leaders are emerging to lead by example and show what is possible in both the business and personal development space.

I put together an eclectic list of exciting and interesting transformational entrepreneurs to keep on your radar this 2021. These inspirational mavericks will put a smile on your face not just due to their amazing characters and hearts but will also challenge you to keep pushing to be the best version of yourself.

#1 George Mason Lantay, Founder, Heroes of Purpose

George Mason Lantay is the founder of Heroes of Purpose which empowers coaches, healers, and personal development experts to grow successful online businesses while moving towards a better world in a community of like-minded leaders.

He served as CEO in 4 successful transformational company launches, was featured in Mindvalley for his contribution to transforming businesses inside and out, and has coached authors of best selling books along with many award winning coaches. His 10 years of experience in transformational coaching has allowed him to make massive impact that continues today.

#2 Genevieve Pleasure – Intimacy, Sex & Manifestation Expert

Genevieve Pleasure is an intimacy, sex, and manifestation expert to the top 5% of entrepreneurs. Her work transcends the traditional concept of pleasure as she helps people use it as a tool to unlock other gifts they have so they can live better lives. If you have been waiting for a new and exciting way to bring your amazing business idea to life or are craving to ignite the passion back into your relationship or even ready to live fully in passion and relaxation, then her CREATRIX Facebook community is for you.

#3 Ryan Kalish – Impact Investor & Ex Major League Baseball player

Ryan Kalish is a former MLB player, Impact Investor, and inventor, who has taken the lessons from his professional baseball career and applied them to his philanthropic endeavors.

When Ryan transitioned into philanthropic impact investing, he took his immense experience and added in his relentless drive and dedicated effort to create an incredible opportunity for a communities across South East Asia especially Bali, Indonesia where he is based. Ryan has been featured in Yahoo Sports and Entrepreneur magazine.

#4 Sigourney Belle, Author, Wild Business

Sigourney Belle is a global business leader who has created massive financial, emotional, and sexual success on her own terms and is sharing this knowledge with women around the world. For Sigourney, there is no separation between who you are at your core and the business you are building. Her mission is to empower women through tools like her book Wild Business which shows women how to use their feminine energy to create global impact, and wealth without stressing out or hustling in a masculine way.

#5 Andrew Jernigan, Founder, Insured Nomads

Andrew Jernigan is an insurance technology pioneer who began his journey as a digital nomad in 2000. That then turned into a lifestyle of what he calls a “slowmad” as he became an expat working across 5 continents with extended seasons in many countries. Most importantly Andrew felt the need to help others through contributing to social causes because he says he wants to see people thrive, grow and be their best so he established a strong partnership with anti child-trafficking organization, NFS. He’s created a truly impactful initiative that’s fighting both human trafficking and providing insurance and protection to traveling entrepreneurs around the world.

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