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Top five business Sectors that will be Leading in the Near Future: Gopesh Khandelwal



The business practices of the 21st century can be defined by one word- Entrepreneurs. Often called as “business buzzword of today”, entrepreneurs are self-reliant unique business owners who are efficient in finding the gap between consumer demand and new product design. They come up with exceptional ideas that create huge demand by the virtue of its desirability of consumers. While the common sectors like a food truck, clothing brand, DIY kinds of stuff are oversaturated, there are new business opportunities that will dominate the future market and the best part is that there are very few people who are in such business. Gopesh Khandelwal is an Indian Entrepreneur & Marketing professional. He shares the top 5 business niches of the future:

1. Automated Home Appliances:

When it comes to home appliances, most products are cheap plastic wares and don’t have much longevity. Another thing is that there is not much available in the market when it comes to automation. The technology required making automated home accessories, security, kitchen, and other appliances already exist but mostly sold by independent sellers with limited supply and not much customer services. This is one of the most underrated business fortes when it comes to automation, but there is a huge demand for it. Automated home appliances one of the top ten viral images and videos on almost every social media and now big companies have started to invest too. The time is right and anyone who can capture it will sure get the upper hand in the future.

2. Space utilization and minimize housing:

Currently, the world is going under a housing crisis as property prices have skyrocketed and manufacturing has been difficult. This has affected urban areas badly as there is no space to expand further. The obvious solution is minimizing housing. This is a unique technology and craft art that basically make little space as much efficient as possible. This has often been touted as the solution to homelessness. Collapsible furniture is already popular in the market and many people have started their own start-ups too.  This is not just a trend but a necessity for the current generation given the busy lifestyle they have. This industry is already started booming.

3. Personal brand management:-

This is a new invention which comes from the people by the people. Amongst the ocean of advertising, digital marketing, and brand management there emerged a necessity of having a personal brand. Your personal brand is not just your identity but it is your living resume and more people recognize you more they want to do business with you associated with you. In the era of online marketing and viral contents, a full proof personal brand can make you overnight success. This is useful for both, those who are already an established businessman or starting out new and want to create their own identity. The demand for social media managers is already soaring and now common people also have started to take advantage of it. The best part is that it doesn’t require much seed funding and can be started in the garage of the house.

4.Neutraceutical and naturopathy:-

The dangers of processed food are very well known and with the advancement in medical technology people are more aware of the value of nutrition, diet, and the perspective of staying healthy. The common issue is the cost associated with it. Not many people can afford a personal dietician, follow a specific diet or go to expensive gyms. The busy lifestyle of the current generation further complicated it and if the option to get the right diet and nutrition is available, the majority of people will accept it. Neutraceuticals deal with supplying nutrition supplements that fulfill the requirement of the specific diet without having to make any compromise in the lifestyle. The most important factor is that it is all-natural, which means it is very easy to sell it to people because they trust factor associated with organics. Naturopathy is also in the same line which deals with the treatment of many ailments with the help of natural products. Natural products are always safe, reliable, and have their own benefit. This is also been recommended by WHO and one of the solutions to global hunger one day. This industry has the potential to go on a global level in the future.

5. Career, business, and job consultants:-

The job of a consultant is easy to manage but very difficult to do. This is one of the unique business sectors where the customer comes to us without making any effort from our side. In modern times diversity in education and jobs has expanded and nowadays companies look for skills rather than employees. Consultants identify the skill required by companies and courses or institutes offering them. They help people finding the job which most suited to their qualifications as well as personality, so they don’t end up in the loop of finding new jobs. Consultants also provide solutions to industries that otherwise become very costly affairs for them. The consultants are most important for people who want to start a new business or looking for a change in their career. Consultants present the best solution possible to customer’s problems and also guide the way. It has a nobility factor too.

These are the business of the future and what is common about them is that all of these jobs or careers are oriented at serving the need of common people. There is a popular saying “The best business in the world is the people business”. Although we are far from achieving income equality, the living standard and economic prospects of people has improved in this past century. Living in luxury and comfort is no longer limited to wealthy people and there is nothing more humane than making the life of people easier. In a nutshell, it is not far-fetched to say that the future of any business lies in the hands of common people.

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