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TOPGUN Fighter Foundation Doubles Down on Alternative PSTD Therapies for Veterans with VETS INC Partnership



In the 1950s and 60s, psychedelic drug research flourished and showed great promise for the fields of psychiatry, psychology, and psychotherapy. Psychedelics, or hallucinogens, are a class of psychoactive substances that can change your mood, senses and even cause hallucinations. There are many different types of hallucinogens. Some of them occur naturally, like in mushrooms or leaves, while others are created in labs. But as these drugs were used recreationally by younger people, there was a backlash in society, tarnishing their use for psychological treatment.

Currently, a new wave of thought is starting to spread, and some parts of the world are now accepting psychedelics as a medical treatment for mental disorders. The Australian federal government just announced an investment of $15 million in grants to support the research of magic mushrooms, ecstasy, and ketamine to combat illnesses like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), major depressive disorder, addiction disorders, and eating disorders.

America is slowly starting to accept this alternative therapy. Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon announced the state’s newly formed Psilocybin Advisory Board. Oregon is about to become the first to support psychedelic mushrooms for therapeutic use in licensed facilities. They will make sure that the treatment will be under the guidance of professionals trained to guide psychedelic experiences. This support will allow people to get the treatment they need, with more success than other drugs, like SSRIs. According to the National Institute of Health, while SSRIs are associated with a positive response rate in over 60% of patients, only 20-30% of patients achieve complete remission.

Researchers have discovered these psychedelics have had significant benefits for those who have PTSD, especially military veterans. Many veteran nonprofits have jumped on board to support these nontraditional therapies to help the military men and women interested in this treatment for their PTSD. The TOPGUN Fighter Foundation has recently announced the support and long-term financial commitment to Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS), a nonprofit dedicated to transforming veteran healthcare.

With almost identical missions to help veterans and their families, TGFF and VETS plan to make a difference for veterans across the country who have PTSD and other mental health issues. TGFF will donate funds to VETS, which will help veterans find alternative solutions for post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. Both foundations aim to decrease the number of veterans who take their own lives every day.

“We are so incredibly humbled and grateful for the support of the TOPGUN Fighter Foundation and the huge impact their support will make to our organization and the veterans we serve,” said Amber Capone.

VETS has helped over 300 veterans to date since their initial grassroots efforts in 2018. Their focus on veterans’ unconventional therapies was inspired by Marcus, who had received psychedelic treatment outside of the United States after transitioning to civilian life from the Navy SEALs. Marcus’ wife, Amber, was so happy this treatment saved her husband’s life and believed that the therapy could save others as well. Together, Marcus and Amber planned to bring this to the millions of other veterans suffering in silence.

“It is a privilege to support VETS and access to groundbreaking treatment for issues that affect so many of our veterans after they come home. Partnering with VETS will allow both our organizations to increase awareness of a real issue, provide greater access, and develop future joint initiatives,” said E. Matthew ‘Whiz’ Buckley, Founder and Chairman of the Board for the TOPGUN Fighter Foundation.

VETS is one of the pioneers of this research-based and unconventional treatment. They involve psychedelic-assisted therapies and plant medicines to save the lives of veterans who have PTSD and other mental disorders. TGFF and VETS will work together to combat the lack of support and supplies for these psychedelic treatments, and TGFF will be at the forefront of expanding the program by offering it to a broader veteran audience.

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