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Orthodontists have new tools to straighten teeth.  No longer do their patients have to wear braces that are unappealing and hard to clean.  Clear Aligner technology has been around for years and allows patients to keep their good looks and social lifestyles.  However, the cost, service and inconsistent results often leaves the Doctor wondering if they are not worse off since the treatment winds up taking twice as long with twice as many visits to their office.  Now that Priority Smile is providing Smart Clear Aligners business just got a whole lot better for Doctors.  

Surveys show that Doctors are unhappy with the slow service of clear aligner manufacturers.  Making things worse the aligner plastic used by the leading suppliers are thin and flimsy.  Doctors are given a large bill and left to deal with unhappy patients that are frustrated by the slow progress.  Oftentimes, the aligners go off track and become useless leading to delays as a whole new treatment plan with new aligners must be produced for which the Doctor receives no additional payments.  

Priority Smile, a Northvale NJ based company has already taken it upon itself to create meaningful, impactful, and lasting dental solutions. The secret to business is no secret, make your customers happy and that’s what Priority Smile is doing right.  Priority Smile is dedicated to Doctors unlike the leading provider which is going direct taking business away from Doctors. 

While many traditional companies focus on maximizing profits from their clients, Priority Smile has taken a different approach. It is focused on making Doctors happy.  By offering fast service, easy to use methods for building custom aligners and innovative treatment plans, Priority Smile is setting itself apart from the traditional clear manufacturers and making business for Doctors better and better.

Priority Smile is different, easy to use, with better results and great service. It’s clear aligners are used to properly adjust the teeth alignment and position. It has been able to quickly establish itself as one of the premier orthodontic device manufacturers in the US. It is one of the leading medical device companies that specializes in manufacturing custom tooth-specific, smart, clear aligners. 

The company was founded to serve Doctors and their patients.  In addition to that, the products by Priority Smile are affordable and offer innovative treatment plans for patients that reduce the number of visits required for the entire process.  

In regards to the impact, Priority Smile shares that it has entered the industry with the latest innovation in clear aligner material, which has been proven to provide a better contact surface area with the teeth, for more efficient and effective tooth movement when compared to the leading aligner brand. Priority Smile aligners are nearly impossible for someone to notice. These aligners offer a level of comfort with their scalloped and polished edges and can be used to treat many tooth misalignments, be it crowding, crossbite, open bite, overbite, spacing, underbite, or deep bite. Not only that, but Priority Smile also offers a personalized end-to-end approach with which it manufactures customized, on-demand clear aligners designed specifically for a patient’s needs. 

With its introduction, Priority Smile has unleashed a way to get clear aligners without having to deal with troublesome software or hardware. What sets this company apart from others is its absolute attention to detail and highly experienced staff members. Backed by multiple industry experts and top dentists and orthodontists such as Erick Luciano CDT, MDT, Dr. Robert Sanford, and Dr. Devenovitc, Priority Smile offers best in class products designed with utmost precision to offer comfort to the patients and reduce hectic surgeries for the doctors. The company is led by Jarl Jensen, a leading product development expert with over 25 years of experience, who ensures quality delivery to each of its customers. 

Priority Smile, as the name suggests, aims at offering best in class customer satisfaction with its products. For more information or to find a provider near you, visit Priority Smile’s website. 

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