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True North And Straight To Your Mortgage, With Anjan Ghosh

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Homebuyers grapple with the pressure of deciding what’s best for themselves when pursuing a mortgage. They’re just normal people looking to purchase homes, but have complex situations that keep them away from the bank, or credit records that are the result of some hard choices in the past. No complex situation or less-than-stellar credit record should be a barrier to getting the keys to your dream home, but still, homebuyers can find themselves lost in the heft of the process and its many requirements. Instead, all homebuyers need is some reliable guidance and proper direction. They need Anjan Ghosh.

Anjan Ghosh is a mortgage broker from True North Mortgage, a mortgage agency with its own Bank lender (called Think Financial), who serves as the compass to mortgage and financial success for his clients and other hopeful home buyers all over the GTA. A 10 year veteran of the financial industry, Anjan is an expert broker who specializes in finding the right combination of strategies to get his first-time homebuyer clients past pre-approval, and all the way to closing using a seamless mortgage service that guarantees a comfortable experience. As if that wasn’t enough, his services also cater to refinance customers, people looking for a home equity line of credit, and real estate Investors.

For many homebuyers around Canada, a common pain-point is approval time, and finding the right solution that builds wealth. Anjan is able to provide solutions for both, thanks to True North’s standard 5 day approval time with their bank, and Anjan’s unique approach to mortgages. We asked Anjan himself to describe the unique brand of mortgage service he delivers to his clients:

“I am available outside of normal banking hours, including evenings and weekends, to suit my client’s schedule. Whether they are a first time home buyer or a seasoned homeowner, I am committed to making their mortgage experience comfortable and easy. With over 10 years of service in the financial industry, I always look forward to providing these deserving people with professional financial advice and exceptional customer service.”

He continues, “My focus is pointing my clients to the best mortgage solution for their unique needs. The best rate isn’t always the lowest rate, and I work hard to learn what each of my clients need, and what their goals are. This is to give them the best mortgage solution that will help them find the right rate, which will in turn help them save thousands in the long run. On top of that, True North Mortgage also offers a volume discount that gives homebuyers better rates on identical mortgages or premium products, even from their own bank!”

Yet Anjan’s mission is simple, as he explains “My primary goal as a mortgage broker is to fulfill their requirements by providing the right solution, but my personal mission is to establish a real sense of trust and reliability with all my clients. I want them to feel comfortable speaking with me, or asking any question no matter how insignificant they think it is. In short, I work with my client as an advisor and good friend.” 

Finally, when we asked Anjan to sum it all up for us, he told us “Simply put, I help clients find the best financing solutions to fit their financial needs. From the first mortgage for a client’s home to the purchase of a rental property or vacation home, I provide a comprehensive array of services and solutions to successfully meet our clients’ mortgage needs over their lifetime. This job encourages me to be flexible and to adjust on a regular basis. When I sit and reflect on my career and the relationships I have built and the life I live, I consider myself very happy and satisfied! I love being a Mortgage Broker and I love working with the team I have.”

Homeownership shouldn’t be a dangerous trek into the unknown. The casualties of irresponsible or uninformed mortgage buying cannot be understated, so for any of your mortgage needs, consider plotting a course for True North Mortgages, and connecting with real-life mortgage guide Anjan Ghosh to create a mortgage strategy that produces the solutions YOU want to see, and gets you to homeownership without a sweat. 

Source: Variance Marketing

Editorial Desk Editorial team Account! Bringing you entrepreneurial stories. Flourishive views the world through the eyes of entrepreneurship—ambition, ​empathy, the ​grind. Be inspired by articles curated by Flourishive Contributors.