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Umberto Vitale’s Entrepreneurial Experience Lends to His Academy Training



Umberto Vitale has been in business for a long time. In fact, he credits his natural entrepreneurial mindset with keeping him both financially secure and stable. By using the knowledge he’s gained through the years, he continually expands the streams of income coming in, so he’s not reliant on only one. 

At 14, he started to understand what steady income could provide, as it fueled his ability to follow his passion. By creating a supply chain via eBay and a German auto accessory company, he was able to build a business through drop-shipping. It was only the start of what would become a lifelong entrepreneur venture, learning and growing in business.

Once graduation rolled around, he moved into the family business, learning all he could about the many aspects that go into running a successful business. It had been operational for decades. With time, he learned how good strategies, methods, and mechanisms made a difference. He also came to understand the commercial and management needs of a business.

Unfortunately, the financial crisis hit, and his family’s business was in a dire circumstance. He was able to turn things around and revived a business that was now in the dicey territory. By inserting new technologies and better automation strategies, the company continues to thrive. They changed how they did things in regards to customers, employers, and suppliers. This ongoing experience only strengthened his business mindset. 

Another important lesson Umberto learned was to reinvest your earnings. This in turn helps you generate more money, by putting your money to work for you. Today, he’s reinvested in himself through multiple means, such as investing in real estate, along with Forex trading, and more. 

Umberto Vitale

Umberto Vitale

After years of success, he decided he would help other people learn to gain financial security by working with multiple streams of income. He trains others via his Vitaltrading Academy, where his students get direct access to him, videos, and training, along with monthly follow-up calls as they go through the steps of the program, to help make sure they’re growing as successful entrepreneurs. 

One important lesson he’s picked up along the way and helps others understand is that by automating the processes that build and grow his wealth, he doesn’t have to work longer hours to make more money. With diversifying his earnings, and automating every aspect of his business, he’s got peace of mind.

The well-being that comes with financial success is something that’s hard to replace. It’s something he wishes for everybody–the ability to not be reliant on one resource and to have peace of mind. 

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