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Understanding Cannabis Packaging



When it comes to running a cannabis-focused business, having high-quality products that customers are looking for is what will ultimately make or break your brand. This could be in regards to your responsibly sourced bud or the tools that customers are using to consume it.  However, there’s one more important aspect that determines your success in a rapidly growing competitive industry, and that’s branding. Packaging is the perfect place to represent your brand. To help you get the most out of your marketing strategy, let’s break down cannabis packaging and what you should be doing to ensure that you’re standing out to prospective customers.

Why Is Cannabis Packaging So Important? 

Having high-quality cannabis or a premium line of products designed to make the cannabis consumption experience more enjoyable is only half of the battle. Your product can only carry your business so far and while a great product is something that is expected of your business, customers won’t necessarily be able to tell if it’s premium quality without the right branding to signal this. In order to attract the right attention, you are going to rely heavily on how you brand your business through packaging. 

Branding through cannabis packaging has a two-fold purpose: to create packaging that enhances the experience of using cannabis and to make sure that when they use any of your products, they know exactly who the high-quality products belong to so that they can buy more or recommend it to their friends (take, for example, the branding of Dr. Dabber, for which the quality of the product and the new design went a long way in growing the company). 

Creating a brand that offers packaging designed to take users through a journey or evoke a certain response is the main goal of your business. After all, using your products isn’t simply something that should just serve a purpose to your customers. It should be a unique experience that they simply can’t get anywhere else. 

When you develop packaging that is representative of you as a brand and truly stands out from competitors, you’re able to thrive in this highly competitive space. 

Where Does Packaging Begin? 

The truth is that creating branded packaging for all of your products can be an extensive process that may cause you to forget some of the most crucial items you should be putting your brand on. Let’s take a look at a few main areas you should be focusing on as you begin to develop a stronger branding strategy. 

  • Pre-Rolled Papers, Cones, and Other Smoking Materials: Items like pre-rolled papers can and should be branded as a way to help your customers identify high-quality pre-rolls and other goods that you sell in your store. This is an excellent touch in addition to ensuring that your external packaging for these kinds of items also includes your logo and branding so that customers know that quality pervades every aspect of your business. 
  • External Packaging (Bags, Boxes, Etc.): Regardless of the product that’s being packed away, making sure that the outside of your packaging features your brand and is assembled well shows the customers the level of care that goes into designing your line of goods and ensuring that they offer the desired experience. 
  • Product Packaging for Tools, Etc.: Your personal products will provide your customers with the experience they want. However, the packaging of your products is what will initially attract them and encourage them to make a purchase. Your product packaging should be aesthetically appealing, indicative of your brand quality, and representative of a premium experience that customers are unable to get anywhere else. When you can sell a customer just based on your packaging before they use the actual products, you can guarantee that they’re going to remember you for future cannabis needs. 

With the right packaging to complement your high-quality cannabis products, you will be able to provide your customers with a comprehensive experience that looks and feels great inside and out. 

How Can You Further Improve Your Marketing? 

When a brand starts to grow, looking to branch out into new areas and create equally thrilling packaging and experiences for your customers is important. Taking opportunities like upcoming dates (4/20 or 7/10 are perfect examples) to run promotions on new products can be a great way to adapt and expand. For example, taking the time to offer a new organic CBD tincture or a substance like premium kratom will allow you to attract attention from prospective customers and develop brand loyalty. Take a look at competitors (a quick search for “online dispensary Canada” is a great place to start) to see what other brands are doing and how they’re packaging their products to bolster business.

cones and CBD flowers on marijuana book

Although it’s your product that retains customers, it’s your branding that lures them in and ensures that it’s your brand that sticks in their mind. If you have been looking to understand cannabis packaging so that you can better target this important branding area, use the guide above to learn more and create an experience that your customers will never forget!

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