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Up and Coming Artist Bae Bae Is on Fire These Days.



With the release of his “One N Only” single and music video he is determined to make it big in the music game. I had the pleasure of interviewing the Cali artist to talk about his new single, falling in love with music and being influenced by California. Check it out below.

Did growing up in California impacted your decision to pursue a career in music ?

Growing and living in Cali impacted my decision to pursue a music career with the energy of the state especially the title LA has. As the City of dreams. I figure if others are doing it why can’t I?

When did you realize your passion for music wasn’t just a hobby?

I would say the day I went to Day N Nite and saw all the stars perform was the day I knew that music and entertaining is what I want to do. I watched them and all I could think about is how I would perform my song, and how I would control the crowd. At that moment I knew it more than just a hobby, it’s my life.

With a hot new single, what are you the most excited about when it comes to your career?

When it comes to my career, I think the most exciting thing I can’t wait for is gaining a fan base that i can interact with.  Like a family that I can influence and hopefully inspire to do good for the world.

Talk about the inspiration behind the music video as it is your best visual thus far.

The inspiration from the music video really just comes from causal links that most of us teenagers and young adults have. I really wanted to display something that everyone could relate to.

What are you looking for in a partner to make them your “One N Only” ?

A girl with trust, and loyalty, hard to find now a days but a girl that has those, can be my one n only.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

In five years I see my self with many billboard entries, many number 1’s, lots of placements with other artists in production and writing. A loving fan base that helped me grow foundations for people in need, definitely making a change in the world, by then.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I play guitar, piano and bass not many people know that, but i’m actually more than decent on guitar.

What is up next for Bae Bae?

Lots of music to come, really soon, and hopefully collaborations.

Press play below to stream his official “One N Only” music video and single.

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