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Upcoming Latina Speaker With a Strong Tony Robbins Influence & a Caribbean Charming Approach



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Natalia is a thought leader with the expertise to guide women in the process of taking action and creating powerful results for living with purpose and in fulfillment.

Villarejo is the leading figure in creating masterminds for Latin women. She began the first digital mastermind experience in Puerto Rico. When she began, she did not think that one time she would expand to serving the Latin community globally.

Natalia Villarejo was born and raised in San Juan Puerto Rico. Throughout her whole life, she has had a fascination with self-help and holistic approaches. She has studied theatre, sociology, coaching, and interior design. In the year 2007 she became a mother. At that stage of her life, she connected deeply to her purpose.

As a speaker, her style is unique, fun, and very educational. Her theatre background is evident every time Natalia is on stage both physically and virtually. She believes in educament. A mash-up between education and entertainment.

Natalia has used all her talents to achieve her goal of empowering fellow Latina women. With her pole dancing passion, she has managed to portray the positive part of pole dancing. She has been raising awareness of how pole dancing has healing potential.

As a mentor, she works with women helping them organize and design a life structure taking into consideration personal & professional goals. Depending on the focus they choose to work on Natalia guides them through the process and helps them to connect to life on a deeper level along the way.

Maestra Mind is a concept designed by Villarejo with the intention to create a fusion between masterminds and mentorship. This community-centered project includes masterminds, podcasts, weekly lives, and an international virtual conference celebrated once a year.

Juntas by Maestra Mind is a virtual seminar where the speakers that have participated in Maestra Mind gain exposure and an unforgettable experience to showcase their main focus in their areas of expertise.

“You are your best teacher. Connect with your purpose and with your passions. Let Love lead and show you all the ways”. Natalia – La Misi

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