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Videographer Miguel Bautista is Using Video Production to Optimize Businesses



It’s hard to deny the impact and reach of video online today. In fact, Oberlo has reported that in any given year, 85% of internet users in the United States watch video content monthly. That kind of market saturation is unheard of, and why so many people are rushing to learn more about video production. 

Naturally, more people than ever before are considering the potential of this form of content – however, that doesn’t mean these people actually know how to capture the kind of video that lives on forever. 

One videographer and entrepreneur, Miguel Bautista, understands better than anyone how powerful and multi-faceted video can be for a brand online today. Having launched Bautista Media, a full-suite video design, production, and marketing firm, Miguel creates videos that improve business operations. 

As he says, when the video is done correctly, the “power of video is a force multiplier working as your best salesperson, most concise FAQ document, and most effective employee trainer video.” Miguel’s team uses video to advance all business objectives, both internally and externally, turning the work of art into a cold, hard, and effective business tool.

Miguel has mastered the art of using video as a language and a communication tool, going far beyond creating something that merely ‘looks nice’ in a social media feed. The problem today is that so many people are lacking videography education, which is why they fall for these quick ‘nice-looking’ videos that do anything but convert leads into sales for their businesses. 

“Our team understands how to use video as a tool, rather than just something that looks cool and sits there on your social media pages and websites,” said Miguel. “We are more than just a video production company; we are a business optimization hub that works to advance both internal and external business objectives for our clients. Video has the power to do all of this and more.”

It’s About Quality, Not Quantity

Bautista Media is based on attention to detail, working to produce quality video over quantity. He says they don’t operate to just ‘churn out content’ in the quickest way possible. Rather, the team takes time to dive into the client’s story and really unearth the uniqueness of the brand. By capturing that original essence, they are able to immortalize it with video and tug on heartstrings everywhere.

“It’s more important, now more than ever, that businesses realize now is the time to get online, before it’s too late,” said Miguel. “The pandemic has solidified the importance of having a presence online in order to interact with as many buyers, consumers, and partners as possible, and video is one of the most effective ways to come into contact with these people, right from our homes. For everyone who has ignored the power of digital marketing, my team is here, ready to help you see the potential of video for your business.”

Miguel concluded by stating his team helps all businesses find their clarity in messaging, so they can more effectively partner with, and profit from, their target audience.

To work with Miguel and his team, visit his website. 

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