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Vladimir Cizelj, PhD and VLATACOM: Safe Big Data Management



Civilian agencies, public services, governments, and various other organizations of national significance are the ones who typically manage complex, big data on a daily basis. The advances in ICT made big data management easier, so the majority of said organizations use the internet to facilitate their operations and make everything run as smoothly as possible.

However, sensitive personal information is a valuable asset and, as such, very tempting to hackers and cybercriminals, who try to come up with innovative ways to breach it. 

Technology innovators, such as Vladimir Cizelj, PhD, are aware of this danger and work hard to provide top-notch ICT security solutions that help keep big data safe and secure. 

Why is big data security important? 

Big data security is a notion that refers to the technology, procedures, measures, and tactics used to protect the process of storage, analysis, management, and exchange of large volume data. The main goal is to protect such data from all kinds of malicious attacks, including unauthorized access, data manipulation, data hijacking, and data loss, as all those activities can have detrimental effects on personal, public, national, and international safety. 

So, in order to handle big data properly, each organization should have an efficient security system that enables it to successfully protect its critical information. What’s more, a multifaceted system will help them predict possible attacks and react properly in cases of emergency, which is essential for maintaining their operational efficiency. 

Once organizations realize the importance of having a well-thought-out cybersecurity strategy, as well as take steps to implement a reliable ICT security solution, they will be able to provide a secure pathway for safe big data management. 

What are VLATACOM’s solutions for safe big data management?

VLATACOM Institute, established by Vladimir Cizelj, is a leading research and development institute in Eastern Europe, dedicated to manufacturing and implementing highly effective, multi-layered ICT security solutions. 

One of the bespoke solutions this institute offers is a well-known National Crypto Center (NCC). NCC is a carefully designed platform that is used for establishing state-level ICT security. The platform enables the safe handling of big data and protects all electronic government services against a range of cyber threats. As NCC is a multifaceted system that handles all the aspects of big data management and exchange, it works together with different encryption and authentication systems that enable it to deliver premium protection.

Those systems are Vlatacom’s Key Distribution System (vKDS), Vlatacom’s True Random Number Generator (vTRNG), Vlatacom’s Personal Crypto Platform for File encryption and Cloud collaboration (vPCP-FC), and Vlatacom’s Reliable Communication Channel (vREBECCA). vKDS is a terminal that enables the safe transfer of critical data, due to its reliable authentication and fraud-proof encryption. vTRNG is a device that generates unique cryptographic keys, whereas vPCP-FC makes insecure public communication channels more secure, thus enabling safe file exchange. vREBECCA is a reliable encryption device used for high-capacity digital transport systems, like fiber optics and digital radio relay devices.

Who is Vladimir Cizelj, the man who established the institute? 

A passionate innovator who believes that technology should be used to boost socio-economic growth, Vladimir Cizelj is a distinguished scientist, academician, engineer, technology provider, entrepreneur, and CEO of VLATACOM. On his mission to change the world of ICT security, Cizelj is a well-respected figure in both worlds – that of science and technology, as well as that of business and economy. 

After graduating from the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Belgrade, Serbia, where he received a first-class education in engineering, Vladimir Cizelj decided to pursue his interest in economy and entrepreneurship. He applied to Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania, USA, and soon after received a Master’s degree in Business and Administration.

With the knowledge he gained, no wonder he started working at the prestigious “Vinča” Institute, where he managed to establish and run his very own department focused on the development and implementation of special systems and devices used for greater security. After receiving professional recognition, Cizelj decided it was time to start his own business. VLATACOM was born in 1997 and today is considered to be one of the most reliable ICT security providers worldwide. 

To conclude

The digitization of big data is crucial for achieving the operational efficiency of governments, organizations, and businesses that tend to handle large volumes of information.  

However, as such information is frequently exposed to malicious attacks, data security should become a priority. Implementing high-level security technologies, systems, and solutions, like those provided by Vladimir Cizelj and his institute, ensures safe big data management at all times. 

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