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What Made Santiago B. Rodgil, AKA E-CommBulldog, Successful in His Career as an Entrepreneur



There are many facets on the internet that entrepreneurs can tap into for a profit. For Santiago B. Rodgil, aka the e-commerce bulldog, it was e-commerce that propelled him to the success that he has today. 

Combining his background in the Marine Corps doing logistics with a mantra of getting the job done has given him an advantage in e-commerce while making more than six-figures on multiple Amazon stores. 

Recently, he launched his Accelerated Amazon Boot Camp Course to educate everyone on how to enjoy being their boss and earn passive income by first “investing in themselves.” 

But how did he become the E-Comm Bulldog that he is today? Santiago shares the story of how he started in his business and how he kept going despite the setbacks he faced. 

Persistence is Key 

Before becoming the E-CommBulldog, Santiago has had his fair share of losses trying to reach a higher level of achievement; from having his car repossessed to not making his mortgage payments on time while trying to figure out his e-commerce Amazon journey. 

“I started e-commerce while going to school at the University of Southern California and working the graveyard shift and watching over countless hours of YouTube videos as some of these influencers made it look super easy,” he said. 

However, it wasn’t a walk in the park for Santiago as he failed numerous times, and took him five months before he got his first sale. At that time, he remained unwavering in his e-commerce journey as it was something he wanted to do. 

“Persistency and not giving up is the real ticket of achieving whatever you want,” he said. 

Teaching Others the Way 

With his current success in e-commerce, the E-CommBulldog is turning to teach others how to achieve their success on the same platform. He hopes to reach 500 additional students by the end of 2021 and he hopes to impact more lives by hosting a mastermind in Miami. 

To these students, Santiago will offer some tips and tricks on how to navigate the e-commerce space. 

“I think they should not focus on the money but focus on the skill. The money will come once you master a skill that is needed in the e-commerce space,” he said. 

He added that those who are looking to find success in e-commerce as he did should never be afraid to invest in themselves with courses, personal growth, one-one coaching. 

For more information and updates, visit Santiago’s Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter accounts. 


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