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Who is BDN vlogs? The Youtuber taking over the scene in 2021…



BDN vlogs is a 38-year-old YouTuber who vlogs his daily life, travels to Pakistan every year, and has businesses in the UK. He comes from a butcher’s family as well as a boxer’s family and started youtube in 2018… his first-ever vlog was in Pakistan.

The main content on his youtube channel is around food as he has a big passion for it and his daily life. He also vlogs when he goes to Pakistan every year. The main business that he runs is a car wash called Bescot Snow Foam which is in Walsallhe runs it alongside his brother called LA and also posts vlogs on his Youtube channel about it, so it’s definitely worth checking out!

He got his inspiration from Lord Aleem who is also a business owner and a YouTuber. one thing that stuck out to BDN Vlogs, is that Lord Aleem showcases his motherland to the world with amazing content on Youtube, so he decided to do the same and show the world that Pakistan is a great place and not what the media says about it…

BDN vlogs has also been trying out a variety of different techniques for recording videos to make sure his content is up to high quality. He has a strict schedule where he posts videos at least 1 minumum every week. His Youtube content is unique as he posts videos that he has a passion for so the quality would be amazing and great to watch.

BDN vlogs the Youtuber taking over the scene!

                           BDN vlogs the Youtuber taking over the scene!


We also had an interview with BDN vlogs and asked him some questions regarding himself…

1) Have you always had the idea of going into business?

BDN vlogs: Yes when I was born my father owned 2 businesses while growing up my father had many businesses including chip shops, restaurants, butcher’s shop’s and car showrooms so I have grown up around the business.

2) Do you wish to expand your car wash across the country or stay local?

BDN vlogs: I would love to expand me & my brother are looking into it.

3) Would you ever do Youtube vlogging full time?

BDN vlogs: Yes that is my goal full-time Youtube with my own team Insha Allah.

4) Do you have plans to own other businesses apart from a car wash?

BDN vlogs: At the moment mainly want to concentrate on car wash & build up YouTube

We have also attached his youtube channel below, take a look at it.

bdn vlogs — YouTube channel

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