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Who Is Simon Kallu? A Featured Story



A True Career Journey

For Simon Kallu, he’d tell you that it’s okay if it takes you time to find your life’s calling. After all, it took him about ten years into his career journey to really find something that he was truly passionate about. Since then, he’s seen success across a variety of areas – from partnering with Tony Robbins and becoming a UK and Europe Exclusive Partner, to scaling a business zero to seven figures in just five years and achieving financial freedom by the time he reached just 35 years old, Simon has been hard at work for quite some time. But only relatively recently did things begin to fall into place for him. Let’s learn a bit more about Simon’s journey.

The Simon Kallu Story

“Success is doing what you want when you want, and with who you want. It’s about achieving true financial freedom, fulfilling your potential, and making a difference in the world.” 

For Simon, he’s certainly achieved success according to his own definition. His career began when he qualified at KPMG in Canary Wharf at the very top of his accounting class. At the time, he strongly disliked his job. He was working with large corporate clients and was signing off on their accounts. He left his first job and went to work for Thomas Cook in their finance department, only to find things were even worse there. 

At that point, Simon thought to himself, “maybe it’s the brand?” So, he went out and searched for openings with brands that could be a bit more interesting to work for. He ended up at Paramount Pictures, but fell into the monotony of financial reporting and just couldn’t stand it. 

Eventually, took a one-year leave from the company to gather his thoughts.

“I’ll never forget this moment. I overheard my wife on the phone with our accountant. She had been chasing him for weeks just trying to get a simple answer related to our income. And that was it. A lightbulb went off, and I knew what I wanted to do with my life.”

From that moment, Simon was motivated to do something more. He started his own accounting firm to help people just like his wife. He set out on a mission to simply do the basics as well as he could, and ensure that he was always providing support to his clients by being responsive, open, and available.

Ten years later, Simons firm, GrowFactor, has grown to a team of 20 professionals with teammates and clients all around the world. Today, GrowFactor is on a mission to provide business owners and entrepreneurs with the financial support they need to make informed business decisions that allow them to succeed. 

“I wanted to make an impact on the world, so we built GrowFactor in such a way that we’re able to help reverse the trends in business failure rates and ensure that today’s business owners and entrepreneurs have the support they need to make the most out of their business endeavors. I couldn’t be more proud of our team and the work that we do.” 

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