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Why Billy Guan Created a Brand Where Everyone Can Learn About Financial Fluency



Many people look forward to their retirement as a time where they can enjoy and look back at what they amassed in life. But despite this anticipation, not many are financially knowledgeable about how they can achieve their goal. 

This is what Billy Guan realized before he became a financial coach and retirement planner. He started his journey as an independent financial consultant and coach when his millionaire mentor sat him down to ask if he knew anything about retirement and investing. 

“I saw a huge need because people just are not financially educated. I never learned about money growing up like most people” he shared. 

Being fresh out of college at the time, Billy was still lost at what he wanted to do career-wise. But after he was shown a roadmap of what he can achieve in the investment and retirement industry, he found himself being licensed within the week. 

A Brand for the People 

“In my line of work, we prioritize understanding financial principles before helping people apply the knowledge. Education truly is the starting point for changing someone’s financial trajectory” Billy said.

He worked to create a brand where the everyday person can reach out and get advice on their investments. He wanted to provide access to communities that typically do not have these educational resources readily available. In order to do that, Billy had to show that he is transparent, honest, knowledgeable, and professional to earn the clients’ trust and business. 

He developed the necessary skill sets through education, practice, and repetition. 

“Mastery of your craft is crucial. I am still constantly learning through continuing education, mentorship sessions, and training. If you want to operate at championship level, you need to put in championship level practice,” he explained. 

Finding the Proper Vehicle to Carry Out His Dream

According to Billy, he was able to turn his passion into profits because the financial firm that he works for gave him the necessary tools to turn his passion for financial education into a medium where he can earn profit by serving clients. 

“So for some people, they may have to find the right platform or partners to build upon. For others they may have to build the platform from scratch,” he said. 

To this, Billy added that those who wanted to find a career where they can do what they love need to focus on the details. The little things matter when people want to get to the next level.

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