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Why Huge Brands Like Disney and Marvel Trust SUPES



It is not revenue or sweat that makes a brand tick; it’s trust. Trust is a fundamental factor in any successful company. According to Harvard Business Review research, workers at higher trust companies are 50% more productive than those in low trust businesses. 

SUPES is a personal brand founded by Matt Ramos, a 19-year-old whizz who loves superheroes. He loves to be addressed as SUPES, which has turned out to be his professional name. SUPES focuses on creating content on social media to entertain, inform, and inspire his pop culture viewers. SUPES has partnered with some of the biggest brands, including Disney, Marvel, Warner Bros, Hot Topic, and SYFY. But why do big brands trust SUPES?

Creating An Avenue For Brands To Showcase Their Value

Through massive influence on social media, SUPES creates a perfect stage for brands and businesses to showcase the value they bring. In that way, he has helped establish stronger friendships with the brands. He is always mindful of each interaction he has with customers and ensures he strives for customer satisfaction. 

Offering Great Customer Service

Trust in any relationship can be built. But how can one do it? Through showing concern, being honest, and staying dependable. The same principles apply to brands. SUPES provides his customers with the right and best service they need every day. He is never dishonest about what he gives. He does it skillfully and professionally when he creates content on social media to reach his more than 2 million followers, nothing sugar-coated. He knows exactly what he wants to achieve and what he wants to achieve for his clients. He, therefore, applies the best approaches to attain the clients’ goals. Even during tough times, SUPES remains resilient and does not compromise his customer service for his own gains. Customers come first. 


SUPES loves serving people, something that many people don’t like. The majority of people would want to be served. This servant-leadership is what has put SUPES ahead in the game. He serves big brands with all due diligence. He performs with passion even as he envisions the future that awaits him. In everything he does, he does it passionately. Nothing pushes him because his passion pulls him. For SUPES, it is not always about him but others. 

Providing Value

SUPES has helped create value for brands by providing value to their customers. He has achieved this goal by posting content that is relevant to their industry and informative content. This content gives authority in their fields. One of the benefits of doing this activity is that brands believe that you care about them, which increases further trust. SUPES has made a name for himself in the pop culture space by simply pursuing what he genuinely loves- serving the people. He has also been able to assemble many raving fans that are ready for whatever he does next. 

For more secrets and information on why big brands trust SUPES, you can connect with him here.

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