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Why Is Change So Hard?



Fear can feel like a paralysis within the mind and body making change seem like the impossible for some. This feeling can keep us unintentionally stuck in a loop.  People desperately want to change, but do not always recognize the one thing that is standing in the way of getting what they want. This would be self! The story people like to tell is that they have done everything to change, but for some reason can’t seem to do the “thing” or catch the “break” they have been seeking. It is comparable to making the same recipe year after year and wondering why there is no difference in the taste. If an individual wants different then different actions need to be made. 

Investing in Coaches 

When an individual decides to invest into coaches that is when they will  learn that they have  everything within themselves to live  life authentically. The lenses will become clear and he/she will be able to see what holding on to the old is costing themselves and their family, professionally, or personally.  Oftentimes people hide behind their role as a spouse, parent, career, and then divorced for so long, and no longer know who they are at their core. The automatic feelings of  feeling lost and not knowing how to make these changes to move forward set in. Working on mindset he/she will learn to become aware and understand circumstances in life that happen “FOR them” and not “TO them.”  One will begin to truly uncover peace and happiness that will not be motivated by external forces and comes from within. 

What do Coaches do?

Coaches are there to support, stretch, and guide individuals  to develop and take the necessary action steps needed to be who they are meant to be. Together they will identify and navigate through the obstacles in the way to achieve one’s personal or professional goals.


  1. How he or she does one thing is how they do everything.  If they  are meeting resistance or distracted in one area of  life, how is it showing up in other areas?
  2. Challenges are people’s greatest gifts.
  3. No such thing as FAILURE only FEEDBACK. Experiences provide the necessary feedback, giving the opportunity to keep going or change the direction.
  4. Progress over Perfection. Perfection is subjective and if he or she waits for the time to be perfect it could be years or not at all.
  5. View the thoughts that come in with curiosity and NOT judgment.


These foundational principles are the bases needed to invoke the forces of change from within! Once one is aware of what drives the thoughts and behaviors it is life changing, and he or she will be able to make the conscious choice to change the channel on those negative or unwanted thoughts per se.

Some tips to start shifting mindset immediately.

  1. GRATITUDE: Before your feet hit the floor first thing in the morning start journaling or in your mind list everything you are grateful for. 
  2. INTENTION: Set the intention of the day.
  3. ACTIVITY: Start the day with movement to include stretches, walk, and or anything that gets the body moving.
  4. ACTION: Have a goal/ dream you want to accomplish and take an action step toward making it happen. Create momentum!

Do not allow the illusion of fear to paralyze the mind and body into staying stagnant in  life. Change can be undoubtedly uncomfortable, but that discomfort means growth. 

To find out more about Julie , her coaching and how she can elevate your life, follow here @coachingwithjulz or on her website here

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