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Why Maven Analytics’ “Guided Learning” Model Is the Future of Online Education

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When it comes to online learning, it can feel like the Wild West out there.

With so many courses, platforms and paths to choose from, just figuring out where to start can feel like an uphill battle.

How do you know if you’re focusing on the right skills, or following a logical path? Are you skipping critical topics that will eventually come back to haunt you? Trying to find the right course, at the right price, from the right instructor is like searching for a needle in a haystack (assuming you even know where to look).

To make matters worse, the landscape is only getting more crowded as individuals and teams seek to build new skills and stay sharp while working remotely. New e-learning companies are popping up like weeds, pitching generic, cookie-cutter platforms and churning out huge libraries of low-quality content.

You deserve better.

The team at Maven Analytics is pioneering a new type of online learning experience, and they call it Guided Learning.

So what exactly is Guided Learning?

Guided Learning is about helping students find their perfect path, connecting them with world-class experts and coaches, and providing the tools and support they need to thrive. Think of the Maven team as personal trainers to help you launch your data career.

When you sign up for Maven Analytics, you get:

A personalized learning plan

1-on-1 expert support & coaching

Real-time progress & performance reports

It starts with a personalized, goal-oriented learning plan.

Students come to Maven Analytics with a range of learning objectives, from sharpening specific skills to launching new careers. Some seek to earn advanced certifications, while others may be exploring the world of data analytics and business intelligence for the first time.

Online learning shouldn’t be a “one size fits all” experience, and Maven doesn’t treat it like one. When you first sign up, you’ll share your goals, describe the skills you want to build, and set weekly learning milestones to create your own personal plan, which includes recommended courses, deadlines, and even a dedicated mentor from the Maven team.

Expert instructors provide 1-on-1 coaching & support.

As an instructor-led business, Maven Analytics provides students with a rare level of access to coaching and support from top subject matter experts.

Whether you need technical support, course recommendations, or help preparing for an upcoming job interview, the Maven team is just a click away.

This type of coaching and mentorship ensures that students feel supported and empowered throughout the journey, keeps them more engaged and productive than traditional learning platforms, and ultimately helps them achieve the outcomes that matter most.

Progress tracking helps students stay on task.

Setting goals and tracking progress towards key milestones can be a powerful motivator, which is why every student has access to their own personal dashboard.

This is where you can set your own deadlines, track progress towards completing courses and paths, and view the badges and credentials you’ve earned. You can even unlock special badges for hitting 7, 14, 30 or 90-day learning streaks, completing multiple courses, and participating in monthly challenges.

The Maven platform also offers unique tools to help you test and reinforce your skills, including graded benchmark and final assessments, course quizzes, and case studies designed to simulate real-world analytics projects.

Guided Learning is the future of online education.

Maven Analytics is on a mission to empower everyday people to change the world with data, and Guided Learning is helping to make that mission a reality.

Since 2018, the Maven team has helped 500,000+ students around the world build new skills, launch careers, earn promotions, and even start their own businesses. Here are a few success stories from real Maven Analytics students who built new skills and ended up landing their dream jobs:

“The knowledge and skills acquired in four courses imparted by Maven Analytics have helped me to get promoted four times in less than three years within a global company driven by People + Technology. Long story short: these courses helped me to work smart. As a result, my customers, boss and co-workers were impressed with my work, and so was I.”

Gerardo Martínez González.

Read more about Gerardo Martínez González’s learning path.

“I was languishing as a Human Resources Generalist. I’d been unhappy for a while. I was disengaged and it was being noticed. I was lucky enough to get a new leader who encouraged me to take one of Maven’s Power Query courses. I completed some additional courses and I continued to add improvements and cost savings through data transformation and analysis and was being noticed again. It got to the point where my employer offered me a newly created position shortly before my departure date. I politely declined without even hearing the offer, as all of the compliments I had been receiving had filled me with the confidence to open a boutique HR data consultancy. I’ve been busy ever since.”

—Jim Carnegie

Read more about Jim Carnegie’s journey with Maven Analytics.

Launch Your Analytics Career with Maven Analytics

Founded in 2018 by Chris Dutton, Maven Analytics is a modern online learning platform for students and teams looking to build expert-level analytics & business intelligence skills.

Watch this video to learn more about Maven’s Guided Learning model, and visit mavenanalytics.io to start learning for free!

Editorial Desk Editorial team Account! Bringing you entrepreneurial stories. Flourishive views the world through the eyes of entrepreneurship—ambition, ​empathy, the ​grind. Be inspired by articles curated by Flourishive Contributors.