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Why Publishing a Book Transforms You Into an Authoritative Expert



It’s all on the internet: your LinkedIn profile, resume, website and other markers of success. But being a published author offers another level of differentiation. It’s an online presence that stamps your authoritative photo on a book cover, and one which can build a considerable following in your industry. 

Writing a book, like obtaining a patent, is one of the most effective ways of establishing credibility in a crowded marketplace.

Challenges of Publishing a Book

The U.S. book publishing industry is worth $26.4 billion and features well-known houses such as Penguin/Random House, Harper Collins, Simon and Schuster and Macmillan. However, there’s a great need for independents to help newbies get their expertise published as well.

According to experts, the chances of getting published are only around 1-2%. One company aims to make the process accessible, convenient and cost-effective through a turnkey solution.

“We developed a process that turns the ideas in someone’s head into a published book,” says Scott Turman, cofounder of BrightRay Publishing, a Florida-based company that provides comprehensive book publishing solutions to first-time authors. “People who are looking to write a book can also build their professional brand and distinguish themselves in their field.”

Turman says there are many innovators, creatives and entrepreneurs who hold brilliant insights in their field. Unfortunately, these individuals are routinely ignored by large publishing houses. 

He says independents can go a step further by making the process as seamless, frictionless and cost-efficient as possible.

Turning Ideas Into Written Pages

“Many professionals, entrepreneurs, academics and other experts are completely new to the publishing world. Another hurdle is being too busy to draft and promote the book themselves,” says cofounder Zoe Rose. “We remove these obstacles. We meet individuals who possess expertise that should be shared with the world. BrightRay has designed a streamlined process from creation of the first draft to book promotion and more.”

How many writers are there in America? In 2018, there were around 45,000 writers and authors. According to ProQuest, four million books were published in the U.S.

If you write a book, you elevate your social standing by being an author. Authors are what readers think about when they read your work. Authors are the quintessential experts in our society, so becoming an author gives credibility like nothing else.

Sharing Expertise and Experiences

But making money from books isn’t necessarily the top motivation. People from all walks of life can document and share their expertise, experiences and human journey for all to see and appreciate. For professionals, their insights can help others make progress in their respective field. A person’s knowledge comes from many years of experience, synthesizing lessons, and thinking about an industry’s future.

Writing a book is a rewarding but difficult task. An efficient way to get a complicated idea from your head onto a book is to leverage the talents of publishing experts.

BrightRay works with a leading team of writers, editors and promoters that get knowledge out of people’s heads and onto published pages. Scott Turman is an expert in brand-building for businesses and individuals. Zoe Rose is an expert in the independent publishing industry.

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