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Why The Biggest Brands Turn to Oscar Chavez for Sales & Marketing Advice and How You Can Benefit at a Fraction of the Cost



Sales and marketing are competitive aspects of every business. Inevitably, it’s the only way to get your target audience to embrace your products and services. So to crush the competition and skyrocket profits, businesses must implement marketing strategies that will guarantee results without breaking the bank. 

Oscar Chavez, a managing partner and founder of Growthly and chairman of The Boardroom, is a marketing expert who can help you with your marketing needs. He is one with a surreal entrepreneurial journey, which he began at the age of 16. 

Oscar Chavez’s Background 

Oscar’s family fled war-torn El Salvador when Oscar was only 2. His parents had to make the best out of their situation— working two jobs each and taking English classes to start a new life. His family’s situation was the root of Oscar’s values of hard work and practicing gratitude to create a life of abundance and joy. As a teen, he would later earn three times what his friends made with just a few hours of work.

Oscar entered the world of enterprise sales in his early twenties, working with some of the biggest brands like Apple. Following his early success on Season 2 of Australia’s “The Voice” with his rendition of “Bed of Roses” (with over 1.7M views on YouTube), his results started to skyrocket. After being obese his whole life, Oscar dropped an incredible 70kgs in 12 months and became an instant social media hit, inspiring audiences globally. He is now a #1 Best Selling Author, International Keynote Speaker, and Business Coach to startups as well as the top CEOs of companies on the Australian Stock Exchange 

Why The Biggest Brands Turn to Oscar Chavez For Sales and Marketing Advice

  • Mouth-watering Marketing Strategies

Oscar is a sales, branding, and marketing expert who has generated over $40 million in sales through his lead generation tools, sales management systems, and high converting sales blueprints that have closed contracts on LinkedIn with zero ad spend. You can expect high converting unique selling propositions and winning strategies, working with Oscar. 

  • His Admirable Expertise

An entrepreneur since the age of 16, Oscar has overcome some of the most profound obstacles an entrepreneur could face, including hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted on ineffective lead generation strategies. Oscar has worked with high-profile clients such as Apple, Redbull, Commbank, and QANTAS. He has further brought about an 8-figure advisory business to help businesses and individuals achieve more with less. Oscar has also mentored 650 startups and 92,000 entrepreneurs worldwide. These strides attract the most prominent brands as he proves to be competent. 

  • Results-driven 

Chavez helps companies around the globe double their income with cost-effective marketing strategies in fewer than three months. He uses a simple and effective process—the BAHO method – to equip CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs with the strategies and skills to propel them to succeed in life and business. When you work with him, you can expect strategic guidance, business model validation, influence & leadership skills, crisis management, and boosted profits.

How You Can Benefit at a Fraction of the Cost 

Marketing can be done at a bare minimum cost. Some of the ways include outsourcing, optimizing social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, and setting up systems and processes to capture success stories at various points of the client journey. Brands can realize massive profits without using traditional (not to mention costly) channels such as billboards and TV advertising. 

Oscar Chavez trains on the effective use of digital marketing tools that are cost-efficient and profit-driven. His 8 Figure CEO Learning Management System teaches CEOs and business owners how to generate 6 figure deals on LinkedIn every single month with zero ad spend.

For a limited time, Oscar is giving away his $3M LinkedIn Playbook at zero cost. Implement Oscar’s strategies for success and start scaling your business today. For further information, you can reach out to Oscar through:






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