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“You Need To Learn From Your Successes” – Entrepreneur Mohit Behl



Some say that one should learn from one’s mistakes. To me, it’s obvious that you learn from thinking about your successes. The times when things have worked out for you, where you have worked well, taken advantage of your strengths and felt well satisfied. Avoid degrading yourself and your results and experiences. They help make you the unique person you are.

You must therefore start bragging to yourself. Find out what your passion is, and brag about your experiences, your background and the way it has developed you. Find out what your strengths are. You can build your business on them.

Find Your Strengths

We often have a hard time remembering, dealing with and telling about our strengths. Most of us are aware of our weaknesses, while our strengths are often more hidden from us.

In our everyday lives, it is more generally accepted to talk about his stupidities and mistakes than his victories. We all know it when we surpass each other in the telling, “Do you call it stupidity? No, then you just have to hear …. ” 

So spend some quiet time each week focusing on what you are good at, your strengths.

Let your strengths stand and practice articulating them – both to yourself and others. 

Think concretely about how to get the strengths in play in the best possible way – and preferably every day.

Accept Praise

What about the rose? It might bounce off. We forget it far easier than the criticism. We can even criticize the one who praises us with an honest heart. “You can’t take that seriously.” “You must have eaten nails.” We can also respond with the humiliation of ourselves. “It was nothing special to make that stew. Haven’t you noticed that it is missing something? ”

If the answer is instead “Thank you”, it is conceivable that the one who praises wants to praise again. And you yourself become better at letting the positive sink in.

Try to pay attention to how you react to praise. Do you criticize the one who praises, do you demean yourself, or do you thank? If you do not thank already, then see what happens if you do. You will feel more comfortable in the situation. And then it’s nice for the one who praises that it is well received.

Ask People Who Care About You

You will have the opportunity to try it out if you ask family, friends and acquaintances what you are good at. Ask if they want to write it down – otherwise, you have to do it yourself. These rose notes can become a very dear possession for you. 

Also, write down the praise you get unsolicited and the praise you can remember you have received over the years. Read your old recommendations, make a copy of them and put them in your workbook. Collect all your diplomas and course certificates. Be proud of yourself.

Learn From Your Success

Strengths, praise and others’ positive views of you and what you have achieved can be translated and used to develop the next success.

Be investigative about your past successes, what was to blame for the positive outcome? Combined, these resources are the path to your next success.

Mohit Bhel is an Indian entrepreneur who loves to read and write article related to entrepreneurship and articles related to the market.

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