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Young Entrepreneur Mike Clum Builds a Leading Luxury Watch YouTube Channel Called Teddy Baldassarre



The global luxury watch market is worth upwards of $7 billion today, and is continually growing. The pandemic has led to high net worth individuals becoming more interested in consuming content related to luxury timepieces, as well as buying up more luxury watches themselves, due to being stuck at home with little to do. This has led to an explosion in the audience of one popular YouTube channel called Teddy Baldassarre, a brand created in partnership between Teddy Baldassarre Entertainment and Clum Group, which millennial entrepreneur Mike Clum founded.

Teddy Baldassarre has become a trusted brand for luxury watch enthusiasts around the world. It is founded upon social platforms and digital assets that engage over 2,000,000 watch enthusiasts each month. The brand’s website is coupled with an industry-leading distribution technology and network that has helped it become one of the fastest-growing authorized dealers of luxury timepieces globally.

The founders and their team of expert marketers realized early on that people are more likely to watch, and keep coming back, to a YouTube channel that has a face they can connect with. A faceless brand, such as if it was called Luxury Watches Daily, would not create the same kind of engaging hook as a person representing the brand does. That is one of the big reasons why the brand has enjoyed the height of popularity with luxury watch enthusiasts.

The brand provides regularly released content that is shot at the studios of Clum Creative in Cleveland, making it an in-house production. Given the success of this brand, Mike is planning to add additional brands applying the same strategy. This would mean the company will scale out and be producing more of its own video production content rather than mostly focusing on providing B2B video services. Still, Mike believes that other businesses will still be the major source of revenue for the company for some time to come.

Currently, Clum Creative, the main video production brand under the Clum Group parent company, boasts of having over 1000 clients, who are marketers, entrepreneurs, and in-house creatives. The company employs 30 staff, of which Mike is the youngest. Its modern go-market strategy has helped it achieve an impressive 5-year growth rate that now exceeds 1,000%.

Looking ahead, Mike envisions the Teddy Baldassarre brand to reach one million subscribers on YouTube, which can act as a lead magnet in a way for high-end clients, who he sees expanding into clientele for luxury watches offered on the brand’s website. Given how much growth there is in the luxury watch market, Mike sees this brand scaling out and becoming a leading authorized dealer of luxury timepieces.

You can learn more about Teddy Baldassarre by going to the brand’s website. Head over to the Teddy Baldassarre YouTube channel to see luxury content. You can also learn more about Clum Creative by going to the official website and find out more about Clum Group by going here.

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