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Zizotravel – An Amazing Interview With A Traveling Influencer And His Amazing Lifestyle



Here Is An Interview Of An Inspiring Traveling Influencer Zizotravel

Q: So, we are here with Mr. ZizoTravel, it’s nice to interview a Traveling Influencer, as we do not see this daily. What does your name ZizoTravel imply?

All my friends used to call me zizo and travelling is my passion so I decided 6 years ago to make it my brand name and now people know my profiles by this name.

Q: How did you start this journey? What was your goal to start this journey?

My passion was to travel the world so I joined flydubai company to be a flight attendant and started to travel and post  tips and advices about the countries I visited and that’s how I got my fans and supporters who always check my profile to get advices.

Q: Have you studied as well?

Yes I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration/marketing major and I got my license for real estate so I can start my new career as a real estate agent.

Q: Actually we need a lot of money for traveling as well, how do you earn this money to travel this much the whole year? And how to manage the time with this?

I started as a flight attendant so I was traveling for free, then I started to save from my salary to go to my dream destinations. After a few years, I started to do collaborations with the luxurious hotels and resorts like four seasons and Hyatt and I did collaborations with tourist companies too.

ZizoTravel In Ice Area

Q: We have seen that you are a fit guy, is it necessary to be fit for travel? Should we also concentrate on our diet as well? 

For me, a healthy lifestyle is my way of living. I always focus on healthy food and drinks, I workout 3 to 5 times per week and I try to get the best sleep I can. Diet is important but always I try to focus on the food that is healthy and delicious at the same time. 

Q: As you have been traveling you have tasted many different dishes, so, what is your favorite dish from all over the world for now? Which is your favorite restaurant?

My favorite cuisine is Thai cuisine and Middle eastern one. I don’t have a favorite restaurant as I love to go to different ones always. 

Q: What do you love to do besides traveling?

I love social media, friends, working out, and watching movies.

Q: What is your goal from now towards life? And where would you stop?

My goal is to grow more and more and spread a happy, positive and healthy lifestyle to my supporters, and also visit more countries.  I don’t think I will stop as it is my passion for life.

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